New Jeans!

Ok, so they are not new. I've had them for a couple of years but they have been 'out of use' for about a year - the muffin top got a bit much. They FIT!!! And no overhang whoop! I'm very happy - now to lose enough to fit in to my winter woolie dresses (autumn seems to be rolling in fast!).

I have one dress (my favourite dress) that is my ultimate goal. I bought it when I was my goal weight so it's a long way off but when I fit in to that one I will be so happy!!

I did have a pub lunch yesterday but chose a light bite fish cakes with salad and then had a feta cheese salad in the evening to compensate so still was within my calories. This may effect the scales tomorrow though as the fish cakes were deep fried :s

Going back to body combat this afternoon to compensate!

Free clothes are great!


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  • So happy for you. I understand the 'new' clothes concept .. I have some gorgeous winter boots that I'm hoping may be 'comfortable' again this year! I'm not sure what excuse I used for them not fitting but now I can see it was FAT not water retention :)

    Enjoy body combat & good luck with the scales tomorrow.

  • You will get in to those boots :) I actually think clothes goals may be more motivating then the scales!

    Maybe 'see you' in the weigh in post tomorrow!

  • Well done! I totally understand clothes side of things. I have many that I WILL get into and like Ali911 also have some winter boots! I cannot wait to look in them a long with a cosy jumper dress instead of looking like a frumpy troll!

    Good luck with this weeks WI and enjoy body combat!

  • The jumper dresses are my next goal At the moment my belly sticks out :( they do not look flattering!

    Did I read earlier that you have joined this forum?

    It is great for support but also for getting ideas from what other people are trying.

    Good luck with your goals :)

    Lowcal does a weigh in every Monday, I've made this my weigh in day to join in and be accountable! Maybe 'see you' there if you want to post :)

  • I wouldn't even dare to try a jumper dress at the moment. I have a very long way to go but it is defiantly my ultimate goal, along with looking good in skinny jeans. I have so many things in my wardrobe that don't fit and haven't done for years! it's odd as I thought I was huge back when I could fit into them but would do anything to be that size again!

    Yes only just joined and loving the forum already! :)

    Is Lowcal like a public weigh in??? I will definitely be posting!

  • I have a pair of burgundy skinny jeans that I'm not going to be trying on for a while!

    Are you starting the 12 week plan? It's great because you make small changes each week making it doable!

    LowCal is a member that posts every Monday about 7am. The post is titled something like 'Please join me for the weekly weigh in (date in brackets)' and a lot of people post their weights in this thread. I find it being on a Monday means that I try not to slip too much on the weekend!

  • Yes I have just started week 2. I am tracking everything too which makes it so much more easier and I am more in control.

    Cool, I will definitely be posting!! :)

    I would love to wear coloured skinnys! One day one day.

  • Well done! Feels great doesn't it?

  • Absolutely! At the moment 75% of my wardrobe I can't wear! Be great to get it all back again :)

    Hope everything is good for you!

  • My excuse is all my clothes have shrunk. I often wear my pjs at home as they are comfy. I refuse to buy bigger clothes. So I will have to shed the pounds if I dont want to end up in work in pjs!

  • I had to bite the bullet and go out and buy bigger clothes :( I didn't buy loads though so my I always seem to wearing the same things to work! I'll be wearing my nice work stuff soon hopefully!

    You wont need to go out and get new stuff :) motivation to keep going!

    P.S. I always put my pjs and a hoodie on when I come home :) nice to get out of work wear!

  • BRILLIANT Result and Attitude!

  • I feel like I'm kicking back from my low last week!

  • That is SO great - you should be really proud of yourself and isn't nice to get some new clothes that cost nothing and that you already know you like! :)

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