Secret Eating

I have realised I am a secret eater (even unknown to myself!). I do a lot of the cooking at home and when I was making the dinner on Thursday evening, I froze in mid air - a couple of pieces of grated parmesan inches from my mouth. I must do this without even realising! When I thought about it, I 'taste' pretty much everything before it goes in the food (unless it's raw meat/fish of course!) - I must eat part of a meal before sitting down and eating the final version!

Now I know, I am going to be uber strict with myself (those German classes at school have come in handy!) and only taste to final product for seasoning.

Thought I'd share this to make anyone else aware of what they may be doing!


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11 Replies

  • I find cooking dinner is a terrible time - just the same. 4-5pm is my worst time for snacking, and of course to then put me in a kitchen surrounded by open food packets - what a temptation !! :-)

  • I've started keeping smoked paprika rixe cakes in my car for the journey home! I have an hour commute so don't get home until 6pm and then I start cooking so we don't tend to eat until 8pm! I factor a couple of rice cakes in my day so I don't overeat in the evening but then didn't realise how much I was consuming during making the meal!

  • Hi NoMoreJunk,

    It's really good that you've noticed your tendency to 'taste' during your meal preparations - and like you said, it was an 'automatic' kind of act before, but now that you're tuned in to recognise it, you'll be knocking off those extra calories by reducing it. That's really great.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well spotted, know yourself to improve yourself is my mantra!.

  • I do that too and I only noticed it recently too. I also noticed when I am home alone I tempted to sneak a snack. I really need to shake that habit.

  • I'm the same - my boyfriend doesn't come home until 2 hours after me...I'm usually hungry as we don't eat until 8pm because he gets home late! I've started putting healthy snacks in my car for the journey home (I have an hours commute) so I am not ravenous when I get in and start snacking. Works most of the time!

  • Its very easy to do - a spoon lick here and a little bite there - the calories soon add up.

    Its interesting about how top chefs stay trim actually - they are very focussed when it comes to remembering everything they put in their mouths.

  • That is interesting about chefs - I never thought about that. They must have amazing memories! I need to become more chef like!!

  • Hey

    Since doing this and logging everything on MFP I've come to realise that I too am a secret eater.

    The crusts off my daughter sandwiches, the leftover fish finger on her plate, the nibbles here and there whilst prepping food, the list is endless.

    I think if I solely cut out all if the above without changing anything else, I would see a difference in my weight loss.

    So that's what I've done, cut out all the mindless eating, along with making better healthier choices so here's to a new healthier me, I hope!

    7 stone 12.5 pounds to go!


  • I'm the same! I'd 'forget' that I had eaten nibbles here and there and not log them on myfitnesspal! I'm going to be very conscious about it now when I make dinner - tasting for seasoning only!

    Good luck on your journey!

  • Good cooks do taste as they go along... trim cooks serve themselves less of the finished dish.

    (I certainly recognise the problem and as for the 'tidying up and not wasting'....)

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