What kind of food is never on time?


Love it - humour that uses my two favourite things.

Chocolate and CAPITAL LETTERS! :P

I tried on a shirt this morning which 3 weeks ago I could not even button up and now its a little tight but just about wearable :)

And doing up my shoes is getting easier by the day.

I like all those little things that you start to notice instead of just always focusing on the numbers on a box of springs:)

Have a good one all!

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18 Replies

  • Well done you! (For clothes fitting better and things getting easier ) makes you feel just great, doesn't it?

    You always make me smile!.... maybe now less chocoLATE is going in we will be on time more often as we run, jog and walk so much quicker than we did!

  • As my daughter used to say at 3 years old when enthusing about something, SUPER DUPER POOPER SCOOPER ( note the capitals, lol, essential as your success is 'big time'). Her rather dubious turn of phrase never failed to make me smile, in my mind I thought of it quite literally as scooping the poop up in your life and putting it where it belonged - in the bin.

    Whether you want to take it my daughters way or mine, they both fit superbly in our battle of the bulge. Go Dave, you are going great guns.

    P.S. returning a couple of metaphors, hehehe 😉😃😜

  • Well done with the shirt - as you say, numbers on a scale are one thing, but its the way we look that makes the most difference to us - after all, that's partly why we are all doing this :-)

    Keep with the capital letters as well - it wouldn't be the same without having the equivalent of a small drill sergeant shouting at me from my computer every time I log onto this forum ! :-)

  • Well done you! I'll be running up that hill (walking really) in a few mins it's eight am here. So hopefully will be able to wear some of my lovely clothes again soon. Inspiring once again Dave. Have been recommending your posts to friends too.

  • Well done Dave also a lover of Chocolate n basically any kind of sweet food I know how much it takes to resist ! That's brilliant your shirt fits no better feeling than literally seeing your hard work pay off :-)

  • Well done,

    You can't buy the feeling when something fits that was too tight 😃

    Liked the podcast thanks.

    Have a good week.😇

  • Lovely post! I'm a member of the anti-capital brigade myself - I always feel intimidated when people shout at me in written form. SO THERE. :D

    Great news for the shirt and shoe progress - keep going! When I started Dry January and C25K, my hope was to fit into a pair of jeans I had deliberately bought in a size that was too small for me. I couldn't even get them over my backside. Eight months later, I have to wear them with a belt, or I wander around with a severe case of builder's bum.

  • Hi Dave, just got back from walking up the steep hill....out back....feeling good. Thanks for the inspirational post on mani feasting am feeing the benefit already, if only in my head!

  • Doesn't pushing your body feel so great - all those fun little endorphins running around :)

    I was trying to figure out what "mani feasting" was and I couldn't think of a post I did about feasting and then I realised you meant mini fasting :D

    Sounds like it makes sense right? Have a good one

  • I like the idea of mani-feasting myself. It got me singing Hall & Oates, and sounds like a very original diet. :D

  • That's so funny :) and one of my favourite Hall & Oates songs as well!

  • Mini fasting lol. Sub conscious gremlin at work.

  • Ha, think I've just posted it again. Must be a subconscious gremlin trying to scupper me!

  • Thanks Dave for my daily smile .. chocolate is my weakness so you realise each time I look at it now I will think of you!

    It's wonderful to rediscover clothes that used to fit (thankfully I'm a hoarder so didn't throw them out) I never really dreamt I would get back into them so it's an added bonus.

    It's actually sunny here so I will do my limited steps in your honour .. I've realised cancer doesn't have to make me an invalid .. MIND over body :)

    Happy Weekend to all xx

  • Those little things matter just as much as what the scales say. Well done Dave.

  • That's great you're really seeing the difference in clothes etc. That's what gives me the best sort of boost too. Good luck and keep going :)

  • Keep up he good work Dave.

  • It really feels great doesn't it? Keep going and keep posting!

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