Been a lot bad 'n' a little good 😩

As is usual in our house, whoevers birthday it is gets to choose where they want to go for their meal out. Yesterdays venue was an all american bbq and smokehouse joint. I took one look at the menu and surrendered there and then, absolutely no way I had a prayer at healthy eating. The only nod to being good was the bottled water I drank instead of wine. I had a shared platter starter with my son ( letting him eat the majority), this consisted of pulled pork, chicken wings, chicken bites, hush puppies, garlic tortillas, belly pork and coleslaw. My intention was to eat 1 bit of tortilla, 1 hush puppy and a bit of pulled pork. - that WAS my intention, reality was very different. My main was a meatfest with dirty fries, I ate 1 rib, 1 piece of chicken and 1 corndog with about 1/2 dozen fries. I reckon calories must have been at least 2000!! Surfice to say I was uncomfortably stuffed and really didn't like the feeling at all. 5 large 'doggy bags' came home with us, fortunately polished off at midnight by 3 human dustbins, 1 cat and 1 overjoyed jack russell. The only saving grace to the day was that was all I ate.

Today was the actual birthday and big family meal was being cooked by myself at home. I made roasted red pepper soup, accompanied by garlic potato skins and homemade mediterranean bread for starters ( I ate the soup, 2 skins and 1 piece of bread), venison steak, chunky skin on chips ( par boil, and bake with minimal oil) and baked tomatoes for mains ( I didn't have any chips) then birthday cake for dessert ( I ate a tiny slither, fortunately I don't really go for sweet stuff at all). Total calories was 650 for the meal, again I stuck to water to drink. I had only 200 kcals for breakfast, supper will be about 400kcals, so much better day today.

I have thoroughly enjoyed both yesterday and todays meals, I didn't enjoy the awful tight stomach feeling though. It isn't too long ago that I wouldn't have thought I had gotten value from my meal if I hadn't been stuffed. 3 months of eating properly and healthily has put paid to all that and I far prefer to leave food on my plate, being able to walk away from the table with my waistband still feeling comfortable. Yesterday was just the 4 of us as a unit. Today was the extended family meal and I was cooking for 14, the only 'tight' feeling I had was from the main dining room table being fully extended and everyone packed around it, lol.

Both days have provided wonderful memories captured in my mind forever and in 'stills'. Both days have also taught me a lesson in the good and bad way to enjoy food.

That said, the memory of those awesome ribs will last a long time...........😳

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  • Sounds like a lot of good and a little bad. You made the best choices you could considering the choices that were available to you and made a celebratory but healthy meal the following day. Both challenging situations that you definitely coped with well. Hope no more birthdays coming up too soon though :)

  • Thanks Ruth, you are being very kind. The next birthday is my own on 1st November, so the resteraunt choice will be mine. I was joking with the kids it'll be at a sushi bar! Now 2 of my kids adore sushi, the other pales at the thought, lol. 😊

  • Its true isn't it? After a few healthy months, eating more than we should or bad bloaty foods REALLY makes us feel it.

    It sounds like you had a great time and you suspended things for awhile BUT you didn't just throw in the towel and you got straight back on the horse metaphor metaphor metaphor :)

    A little slip up where you know what you did wrong is fine. These are challenges that we will face, diet or not, so sometimes you just have to roll with it.

  • Roll with it I did Dave, with the feeling of a roly poly belly so hard it felt like I would pop!!! Well lesson very much learnt, I really hated the discomfort that it gave me for the rest of the day. I think if we go again ( which is a dead cert as the lads can't stop raving about it ) I will either just pick a little off their plates or make the starter last through the main too and stick to my sparkling water.

    It's just me and my daughter today and tomorrow as the lads are off to Manchester to continue with birthday celebrations with mates there. Oh to be young, fit and acceptably foolish! 😊

  • Good advice....roll with it.

  • I have same problem I end up get so down with me self I hate me self I do great watching what I eat no chocolate no cakes or sweets and bang it's like I've been hit over head and a different person comes out in me small portion of fish and chips next day got taken out my alarm went of for me to eat where did he take me Mc Donald's that was it I had gone to heaven for one part of day came home and just couldn't stop crying I hated myself why why did I do it 🍟🍦😁😒

  • Awww tilly, don't be so hard on yourself hun. My philophsy is what is done, is done, it can only affect the now and future if you dwell on it and let it. It will gnaw away at you and do more harm. Be kind to yourself, you know what has happened and the fact you are so upset means you have also learned from it. Deep breaths, stand tall and step forward. You can do it. Next time you get taken to McD's, just have a cup of tea or coffee, or have a happy meal, swapping the fries for the fruit or veggie bag and have bottled water as the drink. I go to McD's with my friend and have a hamburger just onion and a cup of tea or bottle of water ( 250kcals) and work it into my day. Chin up chick, you will get there. Remember be kind to yourself. 😊

  • Thank you I started today I had some porridge my son took me to get some shopping come back had missed me alarm to eat when out me son had bought some doughnuts he was eating them so what did I do yes eat one then had me dinner which I only had small plate of veg meat and gravy so annoyed I let me self down again with that doughnut I could scream why I have packed up smoking it's been seven weeks why can't I now do the same with eating rubbish

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