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Time to work on getting my moj back

It's going to be a long time until it's a full mojo.

When the JD cupboard fell off the wall - due to excess weight hiding within, I bounced back onto the sideboard.

Acknowledging that while poppypug still has her pinto, I no longer have my noble steed so I need to do something about it. Even at a walk he escaped and I now have nothing more than a limping shank's pony.

What sort of brave king and leader of all am I? Not even the magnificent, purple velvet and gold crown fits anymore. Not impressed. Listened for the ocarina and looked for the trolley but they were far distant. Not capable of more than a rattling (the lungs, not the trolley that is) walk, I'm starting training in two weeks. Until then it's a three mile daily walk in preparation, plus the eating plan given at the doctors.

Will I ever catch the noble steed, eat another JD or win the trolley-catcher of the year award?

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How did the first three mile walk go....


Three laps of the hippodrome went well.

More should appear across communities later

Hail Caesar!


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