Week 15 : York Ladies Day


Weigh in today and have gained 1.4 Ib. Not worried, was at York Racecourse yesterday for Ladies Day and had an absolute fabulous time. The hospitality was first class and yes I did eat and drink all that was put in front of me so I am treating this gain as the reality of being weighed after such a social day!

I felt really good in my dress and feel the hard work was worth it, I got loads of compliments on weight loss from people who had not seen me for a while, even my face is more defined ! 🍸

Still on track, I had a lovely day but focus in now on my planned holiday in October.

Hope you have all had a good week and here's to another good week for us all.



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12 Replies

  • Hi Flossie, great that you got all those compliments! This is what it's all for, to be feeling confident and better in ourselves at occasions where everyone's there just to have a good time. Remember the feeling of being in that fab dress and people noticing the change. This will keep happening now as you continue to lose weight, so use that feeling as your motivation. I'm sure the 1.4lb will be easily reversed as it's only one day among many, many healthy eating days. Good luck working towards your next goal :)

  • Thanks Ruth,

    I am feeling really good, I have settled into a regular exercise plan and as long as I keep to a good food plan it's all good.

    I saw some photos taken 2 years ago at Ladies Day and could not believe it was me !! Mind you I did always think in my head I was 5'8" and a size 12!! ( was not!)

    Have a great week


  • Sounds like you had a great day :-) That's what the reality of this plan is - you should be able to allow yourself a day like yesterday, and know that you can get back to the 'normal' stuff the next day. One day isn't going to do much harm and missing out on such treats will just put you off doing it at all in the long term. Did you back any winners ? :-)

  • Thanks Lucca,

    Have a good week


  • What a wonderful day you must have had and good on you for looking so good and feeling confident with yourself. I would have done exactly the same, eating & drinking whatever was in offer. Have a great week. X

  • Thanks Candystripe,

    It was a fab day, but now focused on slow and steady. I am going on holiday 7 th October and hoping to have another 7Ib off, but no pressure.

    Have a lovely weekend and catch up Monday.


  • Hi Flossie,

    Your day at York Races sounds fantastic. So great that you enjoyed wearing your dress and it's fantastic that you received so many compliments too. You'll soon get rid of that minimal gain in weight, and it's great that you're still on track and focused on your planned holiday in October.

    Have a great weekend and a good week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal,

    I am focused on a good week, I am really enjoying my circuit classes and planning a walk today. Food planned so it's all looking good.

    Have a lovely weekend and catch up on Monday.


  • Hi flossie, glad to hear you had a wonderful time at the York Racecourse and also happy to hear that you are not worried about your gain, this is the right attitude to have. Live eat and enjoy all those special occasions that don't come around everyday and I know you will get right back on track.

    How lovely that you received so many compliments on your weight loss and that you looked lovely in your dress. All of your hard work has so been worth it and you are doing such a great job.

    Have a great week flossie :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • "I felt really good in my dress and feel the hard work was worth it, I got loads of compliments on weight loss from people who had not seen me for a while, even my face is more defined !"

    Thats just SO fantastic. I live hearing these sorts of stories. I know that weight loss plays a big part in getting our health sorted but GEE its great to hear those words "Wow - you have really lost weight!" isn't it? :)

  • Hi Flossie, wonderful days like yours to the races are memory makers and far outway a small weight gain that can be reversed in a relatively short time. You seem to have your head well and truly focused on getting back on track and the compliments must have really boosted your ego. Hope this coming week is a fab one hun 😊

  • Glad you had a fab day. Isn't it lovely to get compliments it makes you feel more determined to keep going.

    You've got such a good attitude I'm sure you will look great in October for your holiday.

    Have a great week.

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