Diner party tonight

Our friends are going to have a SW recipe tonight. Let's see if they notice! I've been reading posts for ideas on keeping my wine intake down when socialising. I like the sparkling water with lemon idea. Looks like G&T! One last question, I walked for about three hours a few days ago and now, when I put pressure on my big toe it feels as though it's bruised. What do you think it could be?


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9 Replies

  • Maybe you need to stretch after your walks. Your big toes are at the end of a series of muscles that stretch along your feet, ankles, calves and backs of your legs. If these got over tight from the walking then you could have ended up putting strain on the toe. That or your shoes are too tight? Remember feet swell up when you walk a long time. But look up hamstring exercises, esp 'heel drops', and see if they help :) good luck with your sneaky healthy cooking tonight!

  • I've something similar for friends previously and people just complimented the cooking and scoffed the lot! ( I did make extra!)

    +1 here for the carbonated water and lemon.

    Your toe is probably bruised - how good a fit and how supportive are your shoes? Try ibuprofen and get it checked if it gets worse!

    Enjoy your evening!

  • Hi Andrew, I noticed in your profile that you like a drink....any other ideas as this is my weakness ...more than cake, chocolate, give me a pint of real ale yummy, but then my tummy is paying the price!

  • Sometimes our bodies complain when we have allowed joints and muscles get lazy then suddenly increase activity. ( my right ankle is having a moan at me right now).

    Increase activity in a slow and steady way. Give yourself rest days or switch to a different activity. Maybe swim or cycle so as not to aggravate it?

    Alternate the activities. Eventually I think even my old bones will start to accept the new regime as normal!

  • It's working yeah...walked for about three hours today in decent shoes and relatively pain free. Thank you!

  • My body feels really moany all over! I even thought I'd got a virus......can't wait to be able to walk down the stairs without wincing.

  • So does mine, P P. I know it will be better tomorrow. First Zumba in almost a week last night! I keep having to get up from my chair at work and stretch or walk around.

  • Pain free. Almost. Getting there and my knees are stronger. But not strong enough for Zumba yet. You go girl!

  • I like Aquafit too, which puts less pressure on joints. Good luck with increasing your exercise levels at your own pace 😀

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