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Friday weigh in

Last time 12.4st, today 12.9st. Only to be expected as my plans to walk more didn't quite materialise!😕 My youngest broke her arm on the first day of our holidays which scuppered us abit. She has been brilliant and healed very quickly but no more skate boarding for her. We still have a few trips away over the next few weeks so next weigh in for me will be 4th Sept which will be the real beginning of the next stage of health drive for me. I have tried to stay on track but found it really difficult being out of routine. Even yesterday's trip to the cinema resulted in a couple of sneaky handfuls of popcorn! Don't get me started on the alcohol but all should be easier in September! Last September was my introduction to this lovely website at 14.2st. I hope everyone else's Summer is going well. ☺ Bye for now...

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Hi Juliet,

Sorry hear about your daughter, glad she is on the mend. Holidays are always difficult and I do like your plan, sept will be here before we know it.

Just thinking back to where you started is a great way of moving forward to where you want to be😃

Enjoy the rest of your holidays



Thanks Flossie for your encouragement. I hope all going well with you. ☺


Best wishes to your youngest. My first week on the site and your inspiring me to continue. Thank you.


Yes you have come a long way. Slow and steady loss but get back on it once kids go back. In the meantime try to limit the damage.

You can do this!


Thank you. Yes limiting the damage is a good idea. I hate feeling unhealthy so am keeping to it. ☺


Thank you Portland Princess, my usual weigh ins are on Fridays so do feel free to keep in touch. ☺


Hi Juliet, you sound determined to get back on plan, but it sounds like there are a lot of challenges stopping you. I like the phrase damage limitation as it's a good way of thinking - that happened, but no more damage has to happen from here onwards. Anyway it's not strictly damage, as you've made such good progress overall. How do you plan to get back on it on the 4th? It might be good to get some firm plans in place to help you feel like it's all getting back on track. Lots of luck :)


Thank you ☺ I will do exactly as I did but stricter weekends and perhaps longer walks if possible. I have also signed up to a couple of weight loss apps. This website really helps! I love feeling healthier so can't wait to get back to it. We also have a skiing holiday booked up in Feb so need to be lighter for that. Christmas will be a challenge but am hoping I do really well this term so will want to carry on. I love feeling healthier and never want to go back to being bigger again. ☺


That's great, you've got lots of things to look forward to. It sounds like you're good at planning within set chunks of time. You can def make a lot of difference between now and Feb, and still enjoy Christmas. Lots of luck :)


Hi Juliette,

It's great that you lost over 1 and a half stones in weight since you joined this site last September. Really great progress.

I'm sorry to hear your youngest broke her arm, but glad it's healed up well. It can definitely be tough being out of routine, and like you say, there are those extra temptations out there - like popcorn at the cinema, although popcorn in itself is quite healthy - it's more what people put on it - like lots of sugary coating or salt.

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the day, and it sounds like you're looking forward to getting back on track in September, and I'm sure you'll be well on the way to making yet more progress as the Autumn approaches.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you Lowcal. I hope all is going well for you and that you are having a lovely summer. Will be back in touch in September. Good luck with the weigh in on Monday.

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