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After spending the last two years in a lot of pain and unable to do much exercise between two frozen shoulders and a trapped nerve in my neck (and a LOT of drugs making me feel drowsy and sick), I decided enough was enough. Cutting down, eating healthily still hasn't shifted the weight I gained through the inactivity, although I don't think Hypothyroidism helps either. Sooooo, on Monday, after the scales showed me I was my heaviest yet, I took action - a two hour walk, then joined a ladies gym on Wednesday. No posers in front of mirrors, no stick insects making me feel bad and choosing a time when it isn't busy means I can exercise without embarrassment. It has taken me until I am nearly 52 to set foot in a gym but I intend to use this annual membership to help get me back (at least) to the weight I was before. 3lbs down this week so far, but another 30 to go! Wish me luck!!


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  • What a fantastic start, and it's never too late. You'll reap the benefits in no time.

    You sound very self motivated which is the main ingredient for a successful weightloss.

    Good luck on your journey

  • Thank you Beccylove. I am not stupid enough to think this weeks kickstart will be sustainable, and I may be motivated this week, but I know it is going to be a struggle. I am going on holiday in 7 weeks tho, so losing a few pounds between now and then is my motivation right now. Target setting may well be the way to go - plus there is the fact that I can be weighed at the gym fortnightly, and assessed every 9/10 weeks so don't want to let myself down either. I think taking the first step and doing something was probably the hardest part. fingers xd.

  • Have you tried My Fitness Pal? It's a free app that allows u to set weight loss goals, daily calories, log food and exercise and talk to others on a weight loss journey through the Forum? I've lost 15 lbs in 10 weeks through limiting my calories and I'm not hungry, just choosing to eat well. Exercise is to build fitness but only limiting calories loses weight

  • I'm in same boat but so pleased that I've finally made a decision to do something about it.

  • So we start this journey together Portland Princess. Good luck!!

  • Hi JoolieB1, I haven't, thanks, but might give it a shot. I tend to eat healthily most of the time, but I think portion size is probably an issue. I cook from scratch rather than buying ready meals so I know what my family are eating, but we do have an occasional takeaway at weekends. I was always on the go at work before I had to give it up due to the first frozen shoulder - trapped nerve in neck at same side meant I couldn't move my left arm and I am left handed. Two years of inactivity have certainly taken their toll, but am optimistic, even if I don't lose all the weight as quickly as I would like, I will certainly be fitter.

  • I had the problem of not being able to lift my arm above 90* . Went to osteopath...said it was my neck that was the problem. I now use one memory foam pillow and have zero problems. It feels miraculous. But it did take three weeks to get used to not having two pillows.

  • Hi Lolpet! well done for you! I hope it goes well for you. I'd bet that it will benefit the conditions you've experienced. Have you started the NHS 12 week plan - its really worked for me and I know lots of folk here are using it. 30lbs is a really realistic goal over that sort of time.

    Posting on the forum really works - as does contributing to others posts -helps each other but the main thing is it focusses our own motivation.

    Keep posting!

    Enjoy every success!

    You can't loose the last pound unless you've lost the next one!

  • Hi andrewleeone, I downloaded the plan on Monday!

    Daughter returned to school after holidays so I now have time to concentrate on me. I am trying to be realistic, and not put a time in weight loss because I know that the thyroid issue can slow it down, and don't want to get frustrated and give up because I am not making as much progress as others. That way I won't get disheartened and give up. To lose that weight in 12 weeks would be amazing, but I have holiday abroad in 7 weeks and I know I won't be as strict for those two weeks. I tend to do a lot of walking/exploring and appetite goes in the heat, but will still be eating out quite a bit. As long as the numbers keep going down I will be happy.

    Great to see so much support on here, definitely helps.

  • I sympathise Portland Princess. I was the same with both shoulders, but had to have a minor op on the left one, and lots of physiotherapy. Even tried acupuncture for the pain. Right one was easier because I knew what to expect, more painful initially although cortisone injection helped. Wish it had been as simple a solution as changing my pillows.

    Onwards and upwards now though!!

  • Well done for making all this effort it's amazing. Age is just a number it should never hold us back. You sound like you are very determined to make the change.

    Hope you have a fantastic week.

  • Thanks Jo. So far so good. Had my gym assessment and induction last Thursday, so today was my first go it alone day. Was kinda dreading it, but once I was there and got to grips with the machine settings I was fine. I am doing a 30 minute, 10 machine circuit with air resistance machines. All a bit technical, but I didn't break anything. I haven't eaten any rubbish, but weighed myself this morning and still the same. So only lost what I did at beginning of last week. However, this is a new week, so got to get on with it. Another two circuits this week already booked to make sure I Fingers crossed next weeks weigh in will change.😄

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