3rd weigh in

hi guys and girls sorry not been on for a while life has been mad busy for me lately what with work gettin the counselling i need for my cross dressing and other things but i have good news for you all i have lost some weight it been 2 months now but i have lost half a stone in weight or 7lbs which imreally pleased with as want to drop weight steadily not all at once

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  • Well done - slow and steady :)

  • thanks was losing hope after second weigh in but now it given me a boost to continue now i know i can do

  • 7lbs must feel good!

  • Thats about 1 lb a week which is EXACTLY in the zone for sustainable weight loss.

    Well done!

  • Well done Chris. You have kept focus when life is trying to distract you. That is hard. Looking forward to your next weight loss post!

  • Well done Chris, you're doing great!

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