Sugar was my poison

Although not banned, when I started the 12 week plan I decided to cut out refined sugar.

The first 3 days were hideous. I went cold turkey. I had 3 days of headache and felt like I had flu. Terrible cravings.

I got through it drinking water and taking pain killers.

3 weeks on and my digestion has improved ( no ibs symptoms ) my skin is clear ( am in my 50's but always battled blemishes ) I have more energy all day ( no highs and slumps.) No sugar cravings. I am losing weight.

I don't necessarily recommend going cold turkey but I do recommend cutting out refined sugar. I still get natural sugar from fruit and veg.

I really think sugar was poisoning my body....I don't think I will go back to it even after reaching my goal weight. I feel so much better without it.

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  • I feel better without sugar too, although I've cut it out much more gradually than you. A few years ago I was a two sugars in coffee person, drinking multiple coffees per day. Now I drink less coffee, with no sugar, and sometimes even have it black. My tastebuds have changed massively. I don't find dark chocolate bitter anymore, and I don't crave sweet sauces with my meal like ketchup or sweet n sour sauce or that very sugary thai chilli sauce that I used to love! All of which adds so many unnecessary calories into your diet, probably causing us to put on weight in the first place. Sugar is such a pervasive ingredient - it does take real effort to fully cut it out. Wishing you luck to keep it up. Hopefully no more headaches from now on :)

  • Wow! Thats a real revelation - I sort of knew if you cut our sugars you would pretty quickly have a beneficial impact on your insulin levels but you sound to have really benefitted from the change! Sounds like you;ve done yourself a load of good!

  • Yes that's why I think I can continue without it. Also that bloated gassy feeling is a thing of the past.

    Sugar is an addiction and like most things we get addicted to, it is actually doing us harm.

  • I am so pleased for you that you have found this solution.

    There is so much sugar in EVERYTHING we eat it seems. Ever since low fat because a trend they simply upped the sugar content to keep our taste buds happy!

    Good on you - this is a great way to set you up for future health.

  • Yes. I am eating much 'cleaner' now.

    In fact I am also eating low fat but by cutting quantity of full fat rather than modified food.

    Eg full fat philadephia cheese but a scraping rather than the low fat version eating more.

    I guess our gt-grandparents ate this way and they didn't have the same level of obesity. They had butter, not low fat spread. They seldom had sweet treats or deep fried food, they walked everywhere!

    I am having sugar in its natural forms and getting a cookbook with no sugar deserts in, for once I get to goal and am maintaining my weight.

    Aiming to cook from scratch a lot more in the future

  • Hi, I also went cold turkey on the sugary rubbish a few months back, and it was awful at first but you do lose your taste for it. If I ever do have any now like in a social situation where it's awkward to say no, I don't really enjoy it and it doesn't take much to make me feel yucky, it's a bit scary to think that's what you've put in your body all those years, and also what I let my kids have as "treats" when they were younger. Also agree re the fat issue, I'd much rather have a small amount of a real food than something which has had the fat (so also fat soluble vitamins) removed and replaced by no- nutrient sugar just to make it edible!

  • Refined sugar is in so much! It's so difficult to avoid unless we cook from scratch. I've not had a Big Mac for years but even so I remember that the buns tasted like a sweet cake! Good for you girl.

  • True, but not found it hard. I guess if I eat out I will get some included somewhere but compared that was normal for me it will be a trace.

    Made my own frozen yogurt today with Greek style natural yogurt and fresh fruit blitzed together... yum and all natural ingredients. Small portion and no damage done.

  • Good for you - something that I would like to strive towards. How about booze? I know there is alot of sugar in rose and white wine but not so much in red wine. I generally have a few glasses of red at the weekend.

  • At the moment I have cut that out too. I have sparkling water with ice and lemon. .. I think I can fool myself it is something better. Once at goal the occasional glass of wine with a meal may make a reappearance but will be very much an occasional treat.

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