Stupid Move.. Stupid Scales

So stupidly I decided to weigh myself this morning... it has had a negative effect on me all day and consequently I have made some bad choices, which has sunken me lower. All I can think of is chocolate, sweets, food, and more food, I just want to binge and binge until I put myself to bed to stop me eating anymore.

Please help me stop!


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8 Replies

  • Oh dear... I know that feeling - I am in the middle of my third week and I weighed myself this morning and sadly there has been no movement since last Wednesday.

    But I am ever hopeful - I just know that cutting back to about 1300 calories and walking an average of 10,000 steps each day will eventually yield a loss - I think my body likes my fat more than my mind. But I am going to win this battle - sooner or later the fat wodge around my tummy will know it is on a losing wicket... and disappear ...

  • As tempting as it is the have a quick weight check, I think if you possibly can you should try not to weigh yourself more than once a week on the same day each week and as close to time as possible. Our weight can change up and down during the course of the day so don't be too despondent, the first few days and weeks will always be the most trying but stick with it and you will succeed. If you're on the NHS 12 week plan it will work, good luck and stay strong.

  • Hello Beccylove - JUST RELAX - if you start fretting now where will that get you - to the fridge I bet..... what's done is done and can't be undone so now is the time to start again as you've obviously recognized where you went wrong.

    I know how you feel about thinking about food all the time - I am there too but trying to fight it with every ounce of determination I have.... If you must satisfy your craving, have an ice cream lolly, a frozen fruit sorbet, or a 100% fruit iced lolly - usually it would be fruit but I suppose you know that! When I can't resist anymore that's what I usually do and I don't feel so guilty as long as it's only 1......

    Best of luck....

    Mary xx

  • Hi Beccylove, new scales did the same to me. Aaaaarrrgh

  • Thanks all for the responses.. a bit of a silly wobble really.

    I know I shouldn't have weighed myself mid week but I felt I'd been super good and been exercising at home and the gym that I would have seen a small loss, which would have boosted me on.

    Anyway it's a good job I've got a great best friend as she insisted we went on a bike ride, which we did and I've come back feeling more positive.. exercise it's an amazing thing isn't it?

    Drama over :)

  • My best tip would be to hide the scales in a cupboard where they're not there to tempt you. I'm like you - if i stay the same or put weight on it has a really negative effect in me. Someone told me to weigh myself only once a fortnight or once a month then if u have the odd bad day you won't see it on the scales x

  • Yep !!! Been there too often.....kick yourself hard 😀 and sort it girl 👿

  • hi their many i say not stupid at all just wrong choice of what to eat, you can unchange this by doing what i do and go if you like slim-fast diet stuff and you can choose from what you like and stick to a routine and you can enjoy your sweet stuff and lose weight at the same time hope this help it did for me i've now lost eight stone take care bigalan

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