I'm a bit grumpy this morning! Weeks 1 and 2 went really well. I lost 6 lbs, clothes felt different and people even started to comment on it, was dead chuffed. However for the whole of week 3 and now the first 3 days of week 4 I have not lost one single pound despite doing precisely the same as the first couple of weeks. Now I know that muscle weighs more than fat so I suppose it is technically possible that as I have become more active I have gained more muscle so the flab loss is not showing on the scales BUT I want my BMI to be in the normal range and obviously if I don't lose any physical weight, my BMI won't change.

Stamps foot and pulls sulky face!

A xxx


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6 Replies

  • Try a tape measure. Muscle takes less space than fat so if you have swapped fat for muscle you will measure less.

    Are your clothes fitting better?

  • Yes they are fitting better but I am still 'obese' in terms of BMI which is not good. :-(

  • Just keep at it. They scales will reward you eventually and it may even be a big drop. Don't give up your health is the most important thing and you're getting healthier!

  • I stayed the same for 3 weeks and then suddenly saw a drop of 6lbs. I still don't know if that loss came from that last week where I upped my exercise and watched my calories more closely, or if I had been losing all along, but for whatever reason it hadn't shown on the scales. Whatever the reason, I'm mega pleased to have kept at it despite seeing no change on the scales.

  • I've had these weeks of staying the same too and found it really dispiriting as well. The sheer mental energy you're putting in is very tied up with the need to be rewarded by a change on the scales, it's worth being aware of this so you don't feel too disappointed (to the extent you give up...). All I can say is to trust that you will see that change you're looking for soon. Your body isn't in an identical position each week, e.g. some weeks you may be retaining more water etc. So a weekly weigh in isn't a foolproof method to track changes in itself. But if you keep watching your food and doing the exercise you plan to do, then trust that you will eventually see a change on the scales. In the meantime, I also recommend re-measuring your waist. In weeks where I stayed the same on the scales I often noticed a change in waist measurement. Lastly re gaining muscle, this WILL affect your BMI. Muscle burns calories more efficiently, so you're putting yourself in a better position not only to keep losing weight, but to keep it off when you reach your goal. Keep going, hold in there, you're doing great :)

  • You always lose the most in the first couple of weeks so I wouldn't expect to see as large a weight loss in the third week in any event.

    Consider also whether you have been as strict in measuring as you were in the first two weeks. I find that I think I know how much things weigh but actually I am giving myself larger portions than if I actually weighed each time.

    Further as you lose weight you need to eat even less to continue to do so. If you have still not lost over the next couple of weeks you may need to adjust calories downwards.

    Finally could it just be that it's that time of the month? I usually gain weight around this time.

    Keep going!!

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