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Losing heart again

So difficult to keep motivated, still 11-6 haven't lost a pound this week, trying to move more and eat less, I find writing it all down does help, maybe better when g son goes home after his hols. I'm blaming him, he's only 10. But loves burgers and chicken drumsticks crisps cake, in fact he's a human dust bin, all the things I like and can't have, see what the next week brings.

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Hi Dody18

Don't give up! Even if you feel that this week is a total failure at least you are not ignoring the fact that you have not stuck to the plan. Enjoy your grandsons visit and get back on track when he has gone home. This is a long term plan and we will all understandably have good and not so good weeks. I think the secret will be accepting that and getting back to plan as soon as possible rather than thinking 'oh there's no point carrying on with the plan because I've blown it this week'. It's only 1 week in a long journey. Good luck.


Try and see how your grandson burns the food with all his running around. If you can keep that relationship in mind, then you'll start to see how eating the same food as him but moving less isn't going to help you lose weight. It doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of the same things (a few weeks ago ShellieL described wrapping a burger in a big lettuce leaf instead of having a burger bun - there's lots of ways to adapt things into healthier versions like this). - I've found Shellie's post, here - healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

That being said, with all these temptations around you, you're doing well to stay the same and not put on. Keep trying to get on plan, eventually it'll all click into place, and have faith that you will eventually see the numbers going down on the scales. Lots of luck :)


Keep the faith it will happened, I'm sure doing things with your G son will help with your activity levels, you could have loads of fun at the same time.

Have a fab week.


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