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Troublesome Days

Well these past few days are a complete right off, admitting it here before i ignore the fact and carry on, not been feeling like myself at all, feeling really down and food has been of no interest to me, irregular eating then filling up on the wrong foods... not dramatically bad, but not my normal good!!

Time to pick myself up, Dust myself off, and start again!

I know i can do this as it is slowly becoming the norm, my downfall defiantly is when im not myself not down to laziness, i don't know what it is..

Well here is to a better Wednesday

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We ALL have those days. The trick is not to let yourself get pulled down into an unhealthy eating pattern, stopping ourselves from just giving up and think "screw it I don't care right now".

You have been at it for awhile and been losing well - I think thats AWESOME you really need to pat yourself on the back - you have done REALLY well so far.

This is from one of your previous posts

"My adult life i have NEVER experienced being THIN and that's what i wish to do! Just little things like feeling comfortable in my own body, taking clothes off and not feeling self-conscious, fitting well in the bath, not being the biggest in the family, And many many more reasons............"

Don't forget why you are on this journey.

Think about how you can change things up - join a gym, try the 5:2 diet, cut carbs for a few days, try swimming, get a treadmill and put it in front of the TV...there are plenty of ways to mix things up and get your interest levels back.

I find having the 2016 Sydney City To Surf as a goal really motivating when I am feeling dejected - try to find something that pushes your buttons and gets you going again:)

I know you can do this - I KNOW it.


Thank you for your response, i really mean that, I've been racking my mind all day thinking of a response, i think seeing and knowing that others like yourself, takes interest and time into a strangers life they don't know is amazing it truly is!

And the fact you reminded me of my previous post, really hit home if im honest, shows others care and that this forum works and many follow and support along the way

and you share your motivating goal is great focus on such things are great and i really hope you get to that goal..


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Not knowing someone doesn't mean you can't reach out a hand to help :)


Do it day by day, start afresh and find a cure to those bad habits, currently loving Nakd bars again!

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I completely get where you are coming from. I have been following nhs 12 week plan for 60 days now and have spent the last two weeks having more and more treats. Takeaway, wine etc. consequently the first weigh in I stayed the same which I was pleased with as I had planned those treats for special occasions however this meant I carried on for the next week having extra treats and was lucky to only put on 2lbs. I woke up Monday morning and thought about what I would post on here and it made me think. Do I want to waste the last 2 months effort and go back to fat miserable me or carry on aiming for fitter healthier (better example to my children) me. So back on plan and am hoping for a good result on Monday. I hope you can also find your focus again. Look forward to your next post


Hi Claireep, you seem really determined to turn this around, and whats better than doing it for your children as-well as yourself, treats are hard to overcome but you will get there, i find mango works for me ha! main thing keep positive and every-time you reach for the wrong foods remember why your doing this, and you will get there!

Good luckon your journey, and thanks for reading

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Good luck. It happens to all of us. pat yourself on back for what you have achieved.

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I know how you feel rjay95 I've not been myself for months now and it's pants!! There is a line in a film that I like "it can't rain all the time"

I'm sure you and me will get back to our old selves soon and will laugh looking back on this x

Good luck to you


Hi Chris76 yes i don't know what it is, all mental i guess, good quote i'll remember that one.

and yes i hope we do, many pounds lighter and so much happier

Good luck to you also!


Don't be so hard on yourself. It is easy to throw criticism at yourself and put yourself down, the best thing to do though, is be kind to yourself and give yourself a fresh start.

I really hope you have had a good day and your feel more in control and confident going forward.

Woo hoo to Wednesday.

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it happens i m feeling the same but not with food but only workout ,what to do ?


Hi rj95 just read daves reply l agree with all he said l was also impressed with your quote that he said you said in a previous post what l surgest you do is write that down on a small card keep it with you and when you feel down read it register it on your brain and it will eventually replace the negative thoughts.Good luck xx


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