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Anyone out there who knows of any NHS weight loss programsthat have worked !

Getting frustrated wit how little help there is for weight related issues ... It seems thus area is the Cinderella of health issues that the NHS want to fund ... Until its at the extreme end and causing medical issues such as type 2 diabetes . The emotional side of over eating never seems to get any attention or funding to help people before it starts affection their physical health ... Its about time the NHS gave more support and funding to mental health issues and obesity related issues ... Lots of people are suffering unnecessarily and not feeling supported ... Giving people 12 week programs is proven not to work in the long run ... Need to see GPs and proper weight loss clinics giving more support to be more effective ..

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North East Lincolnshire Lifestyle Services are doing long-term reviews for exactly that reason, to support people in keeping the weight off.


Hi Sharoz, You are so right!

We need a complete shift in our national thinking towards prevention, support and lifestyle changes. The Change one thing initiative was about just this. Its not well known that if you go to your GP they have funding to pay for weight loss programs, and even Gym memberships! But its not publicised! I heard that the evidence is that taking part in a class or a group is the most effective way to lose weight - I was looking for more info on this when I found the 12 week plan. They should be able to help with one to one support from someone with the practice. The 12 weeks part of it is a fairly established timescale for making lasting behavioural change so I'd urge anyone to give it a go. Loosing weight for 12 weeks is better than not loosing weight for 12 weeks!

As far as the emotional side of the issue is concerned I am right with you there. There are plenty of voices totally with you within the NHS as well. I think that the issue is that they don't know what to do to approach it. This forum does work for some, when I'm wavering I'll come on here and join in the conversation. The other thing I personally have found the most useful is Mindfulness (see the Mark Williams Books!) practice which the NHS will be putting money behind.

You're right that much more needs to be done - I have Type 2 in my family and seeing the impact of this has been devastating and been the main reason I ended up here. Its given me my WHY to get this done!

Wishing you the very best!


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