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Hi after a lifetime of diets all I have ever done is put on more weight. Now I am going to choose this diet with the hope of going back to basics, no shakes, no gimmicks, no quick fix.

I need to do this and want to do this as hate looking like this!


I will write a diary of food

exercise 3 times a week

cut down on alcohol

How have you done on this diet?

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I am only on week 3 but like you say it is common sense. Nothing banned. You can allow for treats and preferences and it works.

This forum is awesome. So inspired and encouraged by my fellow losers!

I am on a quest to get healthier as well as thinner and have been inspired to exercise more.

For your food diary I recommend an app called myfitnesspal. It is free and helps track not just calories but nutrition. It has a barcode scanner and you can import recipes and it does all the calculations for you. It also tracks exercise and calories burned.

Take a look around here and tell us about your victories and challenges. You will get lots of support.

Good luck on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.


Thank you for great tips. I will download app as it sounds great. The forum is very inspiring, and as a newbie to all this it would be great to be supported by others in same boat.

We CAN do this!

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Oh well done you for deciding to follow a healthy eating plan. I'm into week 22 after starting the NHS 12 week plan back in March and I have to tell you IT WORKS. I've shed almost 3 stone and my waist is 7" smaller than when I began.

I think you're approaching this very sensibly, in my opinion it's important to note everything down and I also think logging into this forum at least once a day is very helpful, there are some amazingly inspirational folk posting here.

Like you I've tried so many diets, I've even lost a lot of weight with one or two plans but I didn't learn how to eat. The NHS plan has changed my eating habits and I have a different attitude to food. It's a slow process but I believe that's a good thing. Be prepared to be in this for the long haul and you will succeed.

Looking forward to reading about your progress in the coming weeks. Good Luck.



This is very inspiring as I need to loose 5 stone and it seems like a huge journey. But already feel very motivated by reading this forum. I only started plan this morning so plan to record my weekly loss each Tuesday.

Thank you ...... You are an inspitation

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Be honest with yourself and persevere and it works! I lost 20lbs in 12 weeks, from 16.6 to 15. Then I floundered for a few weeks but maintained. Now I am back in the game. Staying motivated is the tricky part but it is doable - just climb back on the plodding donkey and hang on in there. All the best! :D


Well done to you ! I know it will be a long journey but I will take one day at time and remember the goal . Great advice I will keep going as now in obese range and feel and look awful


Well done for making the changes.

This is a good way of eating. I've decided not to say I'm on a diet, as what I want is to maintain healthy eating and keep it up for ever.

Unfortunately when I start diets I always go off track, so here's to the future and a healthy life.

Have a fantastic week and enjoy all the help on the site, it's brill.



I am not actually following the NHS plan strictly, more of a eat healthy and count calories. I know what a carb is, I know what junk is, I know I have to move myself, I just never really apply it!

This time around for me is different. I have given up drinking and smoking recently - I think I have finally decided I don't want to keep damaging this body that carries me around anymore.

The Myfitnesspal app is a god send - I couldn't have done nearly as well without it and I love that my Fitbit Flex and it interact so I always know how my food, exercise and calories are going.

Am starting week 3 and have lost 5.5 kilos (12 lb) in my first two weeks.

All the best - its a great group and very supportive - hope to see you round here often!


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