Week 12 Weigh in!!!!!!

Hi all. I can't believe I have done the 12 weeks (but not done yet). Over the last 12 weeks I have lost 19lbs and since 1 January I have lost 25lbs and feel fab. I have also dropped a dress size. I haven't found it too difficult, I have managed to stay within my calorie count every day, never put weight on, stayed the same a couple of times and lost between 1 and 4lbs. I hope me telling my journey will help and encourage others to do well. I will still be posting on here over the next weeks and months. Good luck everyone. Xxx

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  • congrats sj70...a brilliant achievement! and yes great motivation for the rest of us too, congrats

  • That's brilliant!!! Well done. I've lost 33.5 since Jan, its a good steady loss. Keep it up :) x

  • Good on you! What is your basic eating plan?

  • Hi I have porridge and coffee for breakfast, sometimes I have a roll for lunch or soup and brown rice and fish and veg for tea. I love fruit and veg and try to make sure I eat plenty of those. Hope this helps.

  • Congratulations on completing the 12 week plan and for losing a massive 19 lbs whilst on the plan and many more congratulation for losing 25 lbs since the 1 Jan that is wonderful.

    Good luck for the next part of your journey and I look forward to reading your future posts

    Trafford1 x

  • Yaroo for you! Onwards and downwards - keep the faith :D

  • Thanks everyone I feel truly motivated. Xx

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