Week2 Come in Mr Spock!!!!!!!!

Week 2 and another 4.5 lbs gone. That's now 11.5 lbs in 2 weeks I am ecstatic.

I have had a strange week with lots of odd things happening, but hey according to my children that just me. They often say I would fit in with Mr Spock on the Star Trek Enterprise, apparently my way of thinking things through is out of this world (I think they mean I'm a little looney, but hey I'm proud to be)

I've been and had my epidural on my back and hopefully that will give me a much more comfortable back with a bit less pain.

I've squeezed in a trip to the beach to have an annual get together with 30 relatives. Honestly it was a fantastic day. Norfolk rocks !!!!!!!!

I know that my Fab at 50 is doable.

This week I have decided to believe in myself more and trust myself to do well.

The site has really helped me and I have really appreciated everyone who has supported me this week.

You are all FAB please remember it.

I hope that I can help others like I've been helped so far.

Week 3 here I come.

Good luck for the coming week to all.


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31 Replies

  • Brilliant news ,l have my weigh in on the 28th that will be 3 weeks since my first one (l lost 3 and a half pound that week) l shall be happy if l have lost half as much as you. keep up the good work.

  • Thanks, I'm sure you will do really well. Keep the faith and believe in yourself, YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!!

    Have a great week and remember your worth it.

  • You're doing so well! Another 4.5lb on week 2, there's no stopping you. Sounds like things are going well all round, and now you're in less pain you'll be even more unstoppable. I also want to share the love, having lost 6lb this week, which I know simply wouldn't have happened without the support from this site. That's a really good sentiment to believe in yourself. I'm beginning to feel that too. That's what all this is about, being accountable for your weight gain, gaining control of the factors that prevent you doing something about it, and being patient while the weight slowly comes off. Lots of luck! :)

  • That's amazing, you are doing fab. You sound so positive and you have got a great attitude.

    I absolutely agree that it's understanding that YOU!!! need to take control and responsibility for your own actions, good and bad.

    Taking time to care about ourselves is really important and this site really helps me to keep the faith.

    Lots of luck for the coming week.!

  • Go for it 😉

  • Thanks, hope your week is going well.

    Take care and enjoy the coming week.

  • Well done you. Here`s to week 3.

  • You too, have a great week.

  • Absolutely fabulous result. I love it when I see people realise they can do this and yes this site really helps us too

  • Many thanks.

    Hope you are having a very good week.

  • WOW 4.5 lbs super dooper cool. What an achievement on week 2.

    You sound like you are on top of the world :-)

    I had to pick out your sentence and just add it into my reply to you as I think it is wonderful....

    "This week I have decided to believe in myself more and trust myself to do well"

    This journey is all about believing in yourself which in turn you will see the rewards

    I am so happy for you and very well done

    Trafford1 x

  • Thanks, I hope this is a great week for you.

    Remember we are VERY important and should always trust ourselves.


  • Hello Jo - so great to know that you are doing so well - I got the new scales and as I was warned, they do have a different reading to that of the doctor's......I was so disappointed when they said 10s.7lbs instead of 10s.3lbs - I wasn't exactly good for a few days - not as naughty as I might have been had I not been on this site, but naughty nonetheless... Anyway weighed myself again a few days later and the scales said 10s.4lbs.......so feeling very good at present.

    Just need to keep reminding myself not to eat rubbish - it's an easy rut to get into and a very hard one to lose!!

    You keep up the excellent work Jo - you are doing just great....

    Speak soon

    Love Mary xxx

  • Hi Mary,

    Nice to hear from you.

    Just remember we are doing great !!!!

    Have a look out for a few new recipes and give them a go to help keep you out of a rut.

    I've got all books out tonight and have made my food plan for the week, I am out to dinner tomorrow and it's my youngest daughters birthday on Friday, she is coming to mine with the rest of her sisters and brother and we are going to rustle up something healthy. She has autism and she likes to know exactly what she is going to have so its easy to sort that dinner out. She has said though that she wants a dinosaur cake, not sure why but I will oblige.

    I am a bit of a control freak really, didn't realise till last few years, when out of control I eat badly.

    So planning ahead really helps me, with a few treats booked in.

    Hope your dad was ok and is settled in his home.

    Hope you have a good day tomorrow. Remember sometimes it's better to measure our success by how our clothes feel if you don't feel you have lost enough on the bad scales!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy tomorrow and we will speak soon.

    Take care


  • Morning Jo - well you are an organized bunny.....I am a Leo and very unorganized, but still know where everything is kept. I thought about having a meal plan but the disorganization came into play!! Need I say more.

    I hope you have a great time with your daughters and son - they sound great fun and OF COURSE YOU MUST MAKE THE CAKE - even taste it with them.....

    Hope your day goes well and speak soon

    Love Mary xx

  • Hi Mary,

    Didn't used to be so organised but strangely the older I get the more I like to plan. Oh no I'm turning into my old spinster aunt!!!!!

    I'm a Sagittarius and very impetuous normally, so do not know where all this planning comes from.

    I think it is the only thing I have control over sometimes and as I love cooking and of course eating !!!!!!! it's mostly not a chore.

    I will make that cake for the birthday Friday, I have been looking on the internet for dinosaur inspirations.

    Hope you are having a good day.

    Love Jo xx

  • Hello Jo - An organized Saggittaruis - I don't believe it!!!!!!

    Good to know that you are going to bake the cake and of course you must taste it - just to make sure it's cooked through - but just a thin slice eh.

    I have had a very busy day seeing to dad's financial stuff - then going to his flat to sort out more things - took 6 bags of junk to the tip - he is a terrible hoarder but I can't say too much about that as I am exactly the same - it runs in the family.....I found a packet of sugary biscuits in his cupboard (not stale or out of date) so I had some with some tea - needed a sugar rush as I don't have milk or sugar in my tea or coffee when I drink it. Then hours later I found a packet of halos so they went down the gob - they were lunch!!! Not a really good day but then not a bad one either.

    All the best


    Enjoy the cooking - can't wait until later when Bake off comes on......

    PS - I used to be organized but since my brain op and back problem and lately the knees well it has just gone to pot!!!


  • Bless you, it sounds like you would have worn off the few things you ate. You need to make sure you have a decent tea. A few biscuits are neither here or there when you've worked so hard.

    When I make cake unless it's carrot cake my favourite!!!!! I tend not to fancy eating it and just like to see others enjoying it.

    I had a stroke in 2012 (just a mini one, thankfully) and I have had to plan much more since then. If I get stressed I forget things so I think that and age is making me planning crazy!!!!!!!! or as family say just plain crazy lol.

    Absolutely looking forward to the Bake off tonight. It's the bread week and that is something I really love, love, love. Give me a doughnut with fresh cream any day.

    Hope you are having a restful evening.

    Love Jo xx

  • Hi Mary,

    Haven't heard from you all week hope you are ok. I'm sure you have been very busy with all your dad's stuff hope that's going ok.

    Hope your food hasn't suffered too much.

    Take care

    Jo x

  • Hi Jo - No haven't been on here as doing dreadfully........eating chocs and typing so that just about sums it up. Now watching Bake Off and they are doing such lovely meringues - thank God for spell-check!! Hope you are doing well and keeping busy...this blasted rain is driving me mad as can't get out so much. I was at St Georges this morning and saw the Prof....now I am looking forward to having surgery!!! As for dad, I had better NOT go into that or I will start swearing.....

    Lovely to hear from you Jo and keep up the good work for both of us - I am certain I will get back on track soon

    Take care my lovely xxxxxx

  • Bless you, sounds like you are having a really bad time. If you need choccy what about Mikado sticks, you can have loads as they are not very calorific. Half a pack is only a about 200 calls. I only know as my oldest daughter has been and she bought and ate loads. Miss Size skinny 10 !!!!!!!

    The cheesecakes look amazing, love them. I love watching bake off, better I suppose than eating it all.

    I will have to give you my email so we can chat.

    Don't worry about this week just be kind to yourself.

    Take care of yourself lovely lady

    Jo xxx

  • HI Jo - As I can't sleep (pain in my knees is keeping me awake) I thought I would answer your question about Mikado sticks - yes yes yes I love them and especially the DIME ones, lovely and crunchy and guess what, I eat the whole packet.......at least once or maybe twice - it depends on how many packets I have!!!! But at the moment thank the Lord I don't have any, only what I call dog biscuits - the low fat rich tea. I feel sure if I were to eat a dog biscuit it would taste exactly like one!!

    Having a cuppa and then off to bed again.........Hope you have a great day -

    Love Mary

    PS SIZE 10 - lucky girl xxxxx

  • Hi Mary

    Haven't heard from you, hope everything going ok and you are not feeling to down.

    Take care thinking of you


  • Hello Jo - I did reply to you and hope you received it OK....see your weight loss is going very well and extremely pleased for you - it's all down to your hard work and sheer determination.

    I started again this morning although not exactly being strict with myself but steering away from the dreaded chocolate!!!!

    Off to see the bank manager now so just a catch up and hope you are enjoying the lovely day we are having.

    All the best

    Mary x

  • Hi Mary - Lovely to hear from you. It doesn't matter what has happened over the last week or so at least you are back on it again. Remember just giving up chocolate is a big change.

    Hope everything ok with your dad and you are not having to much stress at the moment.

    At the moment i am just trying to get my self motivated to sit and fill in a job application. I would really like the job as less travel than what I do at moment. Need to get on with it and stop procrastinating, it doesn't help that small girl cat determined to sit on laptop.

    PS did another 2lb this week so quite chuffed.

    Hope to catch up later with you. Have a good afternoon

    Joxx :)

  • See what I mean - pure determination....and well done again.... I am going into hospital on Monday for an op and don't know how long my stay will be for so not concentrating on the diet so much at present...........be in touch later and keep up the excellent work...

    Love Mary xxxx

  • Bless you, I say stick the diet for the time being and make sure you are ok.

    Which hospital are you going to ? Are you going to have any support when you get home, sorry so many questions but I am worried for you.

    Hope to speak to you later :)

    Love Jo xxx

  • Hello Jo - thanks Jo but I had a call from the hospital today cancelling the op....apparently the Professor is very busy for the next 3 weeks with long days.....Why they couldn't see that from the start is beyond me!! I was at the hospital for 2 1/2 hrs yesterday having pre-op checks and I only hope I don't have to have those all over again. Needless to say NOT a good diet day!!

    It is very nice of you to be interested but please don't worry - it is of no use to anyone and will only worry me if I think I am worrying you!!!!!! I am Irish so confusion is a quality I have.........just hope I haven't confused you too!!

    You take care darling and do the work for both of us until I am feeling more like the challenge which will start hopefully tomorrow.

    Be good!

    Love Mary xxx

  • Morning Mary - Bless you, that's rubbish, they never think at these hospitals what they say and do can make us feel worse.

    As for you being Irish that's lovely, I'm from Italian stock so I think that makes us the same. I have spent my whole life confusing everyone so that's fine with me lol.:)

    You do what ever helps you to get through and keeps you happy.

    I am off on my practice cycle ride today, 3-5 miles it kills me later, but I know my daughter will be pleased when we do the 10 mile fun race. I'm obviously mad but I think everyone takes that as the norm.

    Have a good day and be kind to yourself and remember people do care :)

    Speak soon

    Love Jo xxx

  • Hope your knees are feeling as bit better and you got some sleep. I think I'm the only person in the world who love rich tea biscuits, especially with a nice cup of tea.

    Size 10 girl thinks she has got big thighs, I so poo hoo to big thighs !!!!!!

    Hope you have as better day.

    Love jo x

  • Hi Mary, not been on site all week as have been to Edinburgh on impromptu week to visit a friend who is not well. It also gave me a chance to get away from work and destress a bit. Food good and squeezed in lots of walking.

    Hope you are ok and have had as good week.

    Love from jo :)

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