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Exercise is my nemesis


I have been so challenged by folk here who have a much higher bmi than me but really get out there and do exercise I can only dream of. I am really unfit in comparison to my weight. But today I stepped up to the 3 mile walk at home dvd. And got to the end!. Apart from warm up and cool down 2 miles are done at 4mph with upper body exercises incorporate . The middle mile is a bit slower but done with the booster cables adding resistance and you can really feel the muscles working. I can't believe how I can feel my core tightening by what is 45 minutes of walking.

I really think that this is working and I can do it in the privacy of my home. I aim to do this 3 miler every weekday this week.

Hoping I get fitter.

Thanks for all your inspiration .

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Remember, distance for distance, walking burns the same calories as running, e.g. 3 miles walking is the same as 3 miles running. Raising your blood pressure and 'feeling the burn' makes it even more effective! Good luck doing it every day! It may be worth considering having rest days in between especially if this is a steep increase, but if you can manage it every day then go for it!

We all start with a different fitness base regardless of our weight/BMI etc. Simply increasing from where you are starting from will make a difference. I was cycling a lot these past years and still gained weight, and even got through couch to 5k without making much of a dent in my weight (lost 3lb in 9 or so weeks). I had a high level of fitness to begin with and had to increase from there - so in a way you're lucky to have a lower starting level - easier to see an improvement :)

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Thanks Ruth

Someone else said walking burns same calories as running. I didn't know that. That makes me feel a bit better !

The benefit of dvds v just going for a walk is that the speed and intensity of how it's done definitely raises my heart rate more and the cable's are definitely engaging different muscle groups and so it is strength and cardiovascular in one. I am still trying to get my step count up by walking in my daily life too.

I can always leave the cable's off alternate days. So then it will just be cardiovascular 2x a week and cardiovascular +strength 3x a week... i'll see how I go.

I can't remember last time I rode a bike.

Ruth_canal_runner6lbs in reply to Hidden

Over on the couch to 5k forum I've seen so many people end up injured so I take the whole rest day advice quite seriously! But apparently it's a rest if you alternate exercises which use different muscle groups, so having a rest between the strength days should be okay, if you think you may need it, at least to start with. I never do runs on consecutive days, but I do cycle on consecutive days - as this feels like it uses existing fitness, but running is something I'm still working on and uses muscle groups which ache and tire more easily.

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I get you! . I think running is more likely to injure than walking . I think I can do the walk daily but will leave off the cable's tomorrow. Good advice thanks x

Well Done For You! I know you might feel self conscious about yourself but I did a Charity Bike Ride yesterday and there were people of all shapes & sizes there - all having a great time.

If you can dream of exercise you'd enjoy then keep dreaming, take a few steps every day and it won't be long before you get out there!

When you take action - stuff happens!

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It is not so much being self conscious re walking outside more that the dvd gives a better work out as it makes me keep up the pace. I can't run for other reasons. I haven't been on a bike for years and don't own one. Maybe getting one is something I could aim for.

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I bought a ladies step through bike. Lovely. with an extra comfy seat. Helmet too of course as I'm scared of falling off. Would love to see more cycle routes as I hate (hate) cycling on the roads. There is nothing, for me, more enjoyable than cycling on the flat. Don't like hills.

You just need to find something you enjoy and can look forward to! Your doing something and thats the main thing!

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Just dragged hubby out round a park for 75 minutes more walking ( well this was literally a stroll in the park) compared to the walk at home dvd, but I logged an additional 7500 steps.... Every little helps I guess....

andrewleeone in reply to Hidden

Every little matters - Thats you doing Change!

sueper5 stone

Hi, it is really hard finding an exercise that fits and it sounds like you have. I am also a walker and whilst I don't really enjoy it I do find it is something I can keep up regularly. I'd love to know what DVD you are using - I am worried I won't keep up the exercise in the winter (although I did start walking in January) so having another option would help. I do have a couple of exercise DVD but not so keen on shoving my bum in the air when I have a house full and nowhere private I can go, so a walking DVD may suit.

Keep up the good work :)

Ruth_canal_runner6lbs in reply to sueper

I also worry a bit about winter (bit early now though!) as I only started running in February. I'm only just starting to get my head around going for a run in the rain, let alone wind, sleet, snow...

sueper5 stone in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

I was more dedicated when I started and walked a fair bit in the rain because I was desperate to get fitter. But now I am much fitter (still quite unfit) I don't worry so much if I miss a day or two, I am trying to stop myself from missing too many days and in fact had 2 walks tonight.

I do feel that pounding the pavement is far more effective than a treadmill etc but there are limits to the weather I am prepared to endure :)

I think you're determined ....billy conoly said. No such thing as bad weather just bad clothing....para phrasing here. It's the dark that gets to me.

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I am doing Leslie Sansone's walk at home with booster cables. She has done loads of dvd's of different intensity.

Never enjoyed work out dvds before . This is both doable and effective in both cardio and strength and you can work at your level and increase as fitness levels or time allows.

Mine are the 2 mile, 3mile and 4mile super walk dvd's

sueper5 stone in reply to Hidden

Thanks, I will check them out :)

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