Staying with a dementia sufferer

I'm staying with my mom in the days preceding my brother-in-law's funeral. So I travelled up to Birmingham by train yesterday neatly sidestepping the Cornish pasties and lattes at the station with my bottle of water and my banana.

Arriving at 5.30, this is what my mother offered me in the hours before she went to bed at 9.00: cherry cake, egg custard tart, Lambrusco, chocolate and kitkat. trouble with dementia, she never remembers what you've told her and thinks I'm 10 years old and wanting sweet treats. 😁 ignoring the filthy looks when I say no to most of it, I take the custard tart because I like it and have room in my calorie allowance.

In the fridge there is full cream milk because that's what she would buy for us when we would visit with the boys when they were small (they're 22 and 21 and not even arriving till Tuesday).

Today I'm doing the shopping. The nearest decent shops are half a mile away up a hill which is ideal. I've had a good breakfast of weetabix and banana so I'm off to get fresh fruit and veg, salad and yogurt. 😀

I can totally do this!


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8 Replies

  • Good luck Carolee13. Sounds like you're approaching this with a very positive attitude. Enjoy your walk to the shops and hope they have good fresh food for you to maintain your healthy eating over the next few days :)

  • You have an emotional few days ahead. Be kind to yourself. Well done for your resolve. Good idea to do your own shop.

    You can totally do this

  • Hi Carolee, Sounds like you are on it! Hope everything goes as well as it can for you al this week. Its interesting how bad food choices of the past become significant and easy to side step! I find with my mum its best to just keep telling her stuff and lead her through as much as possible - when she can interact that well that is.

    Take care

  • Stay positive, you can do this. Hope everything goes ok in the circumstances.

    Have the best week you can. My thoughts are with you.

  • hi carolee13 i bet that is very hard to handle knowing that you mum has got dementia and when you dieting as well i only thing i would do is just smile and say thank you for kind gift but not something you need at this moment if your will power is stronger then you can over come this its hard but not for long take care kind regards bigalan

  • Survived it! Not without falling off the wagon this evening after it was all over. Too tired and stressed to care.

    Well, tomorrow is another day and a fresh start.

  • Well done for caring for your mum now it is time to care for you so climb back on the wagon and good luck

  • Thank you. :-)

    Doing fine today despite more bad news at work - my colleague's daughter who has a particularly aggressive cancer, has taken a turn for the worse so my colleague has gone to be with her.

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