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Back into it

Well I'm back from visiting relatives overseas early as we have had two bereavements. I had been maintaining my weight at about 60kg, but have put on 1.4 kg in the last three weeks.

Just before my holiday I was 59.8, so thats my mini goal for the next two weeks.

Starting weight 66.9

Current weight 61.4

Loss 5.5

Goal weight 57

Good luck for the week ahead everyone :)

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I really like that you have a goal and you are splitting it into smaller sub-goals.

It make the project manager in me very happy! :)


Hi Size12goal,

Sorry to hear you've had a couple of bereavements. Glad you've got back safely from your trip to see your relatives overseas, and good luck with your goal to be 57 kilos. Congratulations on your loss of 5.5 kilos so far, you're doing really well.

Hope your week goes ok.

Lowcal :-)


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