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Exercise Hijack!

Hi All,

I went to do my third HIIT workout this evening only to be convinced by the guy on the gym reception to do a fitness class instead - body combat! I don't usually do any of the classes so thought I'd give it a go!

It was TOUGH! My co-ordination is terrible so I was generally doing something totally different to everyone else at the time but I made up for it in enthusiasm...It was such a good cardio workout so think I'm going to incorporate some classes in my exercise week for variety. I picked up the weeks programme and may even try spinning (I have never been brave enough for this!) and will definitely try yoga or pilates.

I'm hoping all of this hard work leads to a loss tomorrow but it's TOTM so feeling really bloated. Fingers crossed anyway!


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Way to go! Well done!

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hi their just something to think about you exercise what you can do not what some gym receptionist say you do what you and your body can cope with take care bigalan


Hi Bigalan! I never do classes so thought I would try it when he said there was a class in 5 minutes! It was tough but I really enjoyed it so will be using different exercise classes to vary my exercise routine!

Hope you have had a good week!


hi their that's good that you are using this classes at your speed and are not push in to doing something that you can't copy with i'm sorry if my last comment sounded a bit hard it just when people try to get people like yourself to do things that your body just can't cope with take care thanks for replying hope your week is good as well mine i take day to day i'll never know whether i will be awake the next morning with having server sleep apneoa its whether i wake up or not so hope speak to you again take care kind regards bigalan


Its SO great to challenge yourself and come out feeling good about it - physical stuff like this is always great boost to our confidence.

Good on you for trying it and great that you now have lots of other things you want to try :D

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