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I quit sugar week 5

I have been sort of following the 8 week "Iquit sugar". Its been hard! But I've found that since eating less sugar I feel worse when actually eating it! I had some desert the other night and had stomach ache immediately!(could be because of the guilt for eating it...!) I feel healthier in general but am a little frustrated that the scale is not very kind...is there anyone with similar experience? My clothes do feel looser. I will keep going but would love the scale to be kind next week :)

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You are not going to feel the benefits straight away, remember you are going through a sugar detox. Like giving up smoking. But once you have got your body used to the removal of sugar you will feel the benefits. Just give it time

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I think you are doing wonderfully - sugar can be as addictive as crack or heroin so giving it up is no easy feat.

I know the scale can be such a focus for us but i9sn't the REAL test how we feel?

I bet you feel SO much better than you did a few weeks ago. Really think about how much healthier you feel and whats going on in your body.

If you eat properly and do some exercise you will lose weight. Irt will happen like the sun coming up.

Focus on how your BODY feels to you and how your attitude to things in general has probably improved.


I don't know the iquitsugar programme but I cut out refined sugar when I started my diet. Oh boy the first 3 days I had a pounding headache. I felt like I had flu. I craved sugar .It was awful.. but I went cold turkey. Took headache tablets and drank LOTS of water.

After 3 days the headache went and I felt so much better and energetic. My skin has improved. I eat fruit and veg which contain natural sugars but I haven't had refined sugar or added sugar even honey, in 3 weeks and it feels good and I have lost 3kg since 4th August (counting calories and staying under 1300 a day)


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