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Not the queen of cakes this time

Still achy but ok today.

Off to the beach today, its a family thing that we do annually. All the old rellies get together and chat, sit in deck chairs and eat a lot. Normally food I've provided. Not this year though, have past this on to someone else because of back. Hey it's a brilliant excuse ( all be it a sore one)

Normally we have a massive bake off and bake a show stopper cake (normally I win, of course, not queen of cakes for nothing) as back has not been good this is the first year I haven't taken part. I'm really glad as it usually sets me off eating everything in sight. I say woohoo to have a bad back ( just this once though)

I love the beach and the house belongs to one of the relatives so it is amazing to sit and look at the sea. It makes me feel very calm. So this time I'm going to enjoy the scenery and watch everyone else going frantic around me.

I am taking a massive salad with me so all is not lost. Not the same as cake though, but loads better for me.

Have a great sunday.

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I love the coast and very lucky to live close to the Northumberland coast. There's nothing better than digging your toes in the sand and going for a paddle !!

The North Sea is freezing all year round but never puts me off lol

Have a lovely day



The beach was wonderful, good old Norfolk I love it even in the rain. Like you It gets pretty chilly but glorious. I couldn't believe the sunshine it was amazing, we always called it the Heacham gap as the sky appeared grey everywhere else.

Stuck to my no cake policy but under pressure from my young nephew , (one day he too will be a bake off champ) I tried one of his ginger biccies, delicious !!!!!!! .

Glorious day, nothing nicer than to be by the sea with an assortment of relatives, 30 to be precise, sheer bliss.

Hope you had a good weekend.

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Hi Jo4950,

You've painted a lovely scene - I can imagine you sitting back with your delicious salad, savouring the seaside view before you, and just enjoying the moment.

Hope the sun shines to make it a perfect day.

Lowcal :-)


Hi Lowcal,

The sun was at it's most glorious and Norfolk gave it's very all yesterday.

Some of my family have a house right on the beach and our annual event is held there, couldn't be any better.

There was plenty of fab salads and I only ate one ginger biscuit that my young nephew made, which was delicious !!!!

Along with 30 of my relatives I had a peaceful, really !!!!! day. Full of sunshine and laughter , the best tonic I could have wished for.

Hope you've had a good weekend and are looking forward to the coming week.


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Enjoy your day ,and the salad


Enjoy your day and the salad.


Salad fab, and Norfolk sunshine even better, just the tonic I needed for the coming week.

Hope you have had a good weekend.


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