First post feeling hopeful

Hi I have had cancer cured thankfully and suffered 2 close bereavements in the last year and through all this didn't lose one ounce in weight , I feel what has to happen , then I realised I must make a serious attempt to take control of my eating , my weight is stopping me leading the life I want . I now live alone and I must take care of myself . I have failed so often it scares me , but I am determined to dig deep and go one meal at a time , will appreciate help .


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  • You cannt do anymore than one step at a time. If we stumble just got to learn from it and move on.

    Only been on here a week and they seem a really supportive group.

    Good luck to you.


  • I agree I have never done anything like this on line and I am finding it insipiring 8:15 at night and I am off for a walk 😅

  • You have definitely had a tough time of it and congrats for getting back in the saddle and looking after YOU.

    If you have a smartphone get the Myfitnesspal app - it is VERY use to use and makes calorie counting much easier.

    Did I say calorie counting? Yes I did.

    We get fat for a few reasons.

    We have lost touch with what a normal portion size is, we have lost touch with how calorie dense the food is we are eating and we exercise less than we should.

    Count calories and you will solve the first two straight off.

    I am sure many others will contribute here so I won't say much more but that exercise is great for making you feel better than you did when you walked out the door so get plenty of it.

  • I am limited in my walking abilities but yes instead of watching TV I am off for a stroll and thank you .

  • Well done for taking your first step and I'm sorry to hear of your sad news.

    Take one step at a time, use My Fitness Pal to log amd track your calories and if you can exercise for 30 mins every day to start with, even if it just a walk. It'll make you feel good both mentally and physically.

    Most of all remember we're all in this together.

    Good luck on your journey.


  • I so wish you good luck, but I'm sure after going through what you have this is going to be a much easier battle. It's so easy to comfort eat I know because I do it, but this time I'm sure you will do it. We are all supporting you.

  • Thank you for your positive response 😀

  • Dear hg, my heartfelt condolences and know exactly what you have & are going through. It's a good time now to re-evaluate your life and be able to move forward.

    Just one piece of advice from me.....make small achievable goals.

    I started out at 18st. 4.5lbs. My only goal was to lose 5lbs to get into the 17's then 17st. 11 for the half stone etc etc. These small targets are so doable and encouraging. Today I am heading towards 12st 4lbs, my 6 stone loss and couldn't have done it thinking omg I have 7 stone to lose PLUS couldn't have done it without this fab group.

    Good luck hg, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Reach out and take it. X

  • Hi,

    You sound like a brave and strong lady and I do hope that you can make positive steps to reach your goal, and I wish you all the best on your journey x I defienetly think one step at a time is a good way forward. xx

  • A very big welcome, and well done for starting afresh. It's hard when we start over as it is difficult o know what to do first. Taking control over one meal at a time is a very good place to start and you should be proud of yourself for making this happen.

    Unfortunately like you even when bad things happen I eat unlike some friends who lose piles of weight. I'm very much an emotional eater. Mind I love to eat when I'm happy as well, so don't know what that says about me !!!!!!! Hey I think it's because I love food.

    You have started and that's great. This is a very support site with lots of guidance to help you on your way. So hey this is the first day of the rest of your life, so enjoy it.

    Have a fab weekend.

  • Welcome to this forum. So encouraging. So sorry for your losses but you can get healthier and fitter. Nhs 22 week plan is great. My advise is plan what you are ginger to eat and love yourself enough to keep to the plan

  • There is always someone to talk to on here, don,t feel you are alone xx

  • You've had a tough time. We just lost our 31 year old friend to breast cancer. Having your health is everything. You got that, you can live life to the full. Very well done for getting to this site. You will have what you want if you follow Dave1961 really. He's got his skinny finger on the pulse. Calories in and calories out. Take care of the "in" and the "out" will take care of itself. Plan, plan ,plan and cook to the plan. Keep in touch and we can share recipes?

  • Thank you for your positive reply I am sure I can find the way forward . I like the calories in out this is the kind of sense so simple and sense will be up on fridge door thank you 😆

  • Hi ,

    My heart goes out to,life at times is truly awful💐

    Maybe take just one step at a time, have a look at the 12 week NHS plan and give yourself a week to just keep a food/activity diary to see what you actually eat/do.

    It is always hard to make big changes especially after a huge life event but you are worth it.

    You will find loads of support and inspiration on this page so use it and keep in touch however long your journey takes.

    Have a good week


  • Thank you I will keep this short as I am off for a walk ,my neighbours will be in shock .😀

  • Thank you for your encouragement yes I am sure I am going to find this difficult ,I am usually a good starter poor finisher so yes slow and steady .

  • I understand. I dont know how stress makes some people lose weight. I lost my husband last year and there was so much nastiness from my stepchildren about his will that it overshadowed his death. I kept going to the gym as well, but lost no weight at all. Then I discovered that i had high blood pessure, so something had to be done. Although I haven't started running yet, I try to get out and walk using a step/distance counter. not up to 5k yet, but will try. Also going to gym classes and counting the calories, keeping to under the 1400 per day recommended for weight loss by the NHS 12 week plan. It has taken 5 weeks before I lost anything but have finally managed 3 lbs. Only another 7 to reach my next goal!

  • Stress hormones make it even more difficult to lose weight, because they stimulate the release of blood glucose, which then stimulates insulin that promotes fat storage, and when your body is primed liked this you can't burn fat for fuel.

    Best to focus on the things you can do; a moderate amount of exercise to help de-stress and burn glucose is commendable, though we have to guard against doing too much that will add to the stress.

    Also practice relaxation in a healthy manner you enjoy that helps you unwind.

    Then reduce the foods that spike your insulin and exacerbate the situation; avoid high-glycaemic foods, anomalies such as yoghurt or beans, and minimise fructose that causes insulin resistance.

    Eat a sensible amount of low Gi carbs and natural fat instead.

  • Sorry to hear that you have had all the sadness in your life lately be thankful that you are recovering from your brush with cancer. Do take care of yourself ,losing weight will help you to start feeling better and will boost your self esteem. You could start with making what you eat look appetising give it some plate appeal.

    Take time to plan a few days meals and buy fresh fruit and veg . If you get tired of salads make home made soups , try toast with tomatoes sliced and finished under the grill,for breakfast or toast with a banana squashed on with a fork and grilled till the banana starts to bubble those two breakfasts would keep you going till lunch. Try to cook most of your meals a keep away from prosced food .Good luck

  • Thank you for your suggestions they sound tastie and very simply I would never of thought of them , yes I am going to try to cook from scratch more ,I lack imagination so would love to hear easy recipes .

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