English cream tea

My adult kids and close friends from both USA and Australia got together today and invited me to join them. I had an inkling that they would all want to eat out and that cake would be involved.

I decided therefore to forgo my usual carb rich breakfast and replace it with high protein eggs and fruit, I ate breakfast late and missed out lunch.

So glad I planned ahead as when I arrived they announced our overseas visitors wanted a cream tea.

I was able to have a scone with a little cream and jam. Not the best food when dieting but it is the first time in 11 days I have had any sort of food treat. I just entered everything into my fitnesspal and I have plenty of calories for a healthy balanced dinner. Will have plenty of veggies and lean meat and actually won't go over calories for the day.

Amazing what you can still eat so long as you plan ahead and balance it out over the day and over the weeks too. We showed our visitors around so my step count is high.

I will return straight to my strict regime of healthy low calorie low fat foods but this is exactly what those yummy foods are for.... Occasional treats. Occasional treats are good so long as we view them as just that and plan them in. Feelings of deprivation are the surest way to a diet fail.

Mmmm I wonder what the scales will say though.... I just bought a new fancy set that do all sorts of clever calculations and are more accurate. Got a bargain as well. Reduced to only £7.50 at Boots!


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9 Replies

  • Oooooh - lovely. Living in Devon I love a nice cream tea :-) Lucky you (and well done for fitting in your calorie count) !

  • So like your thinking, it shows us if we put some thought into it we can 'eat like the rest'.

    It's taken me a while but I do feel that I'm getting there.

    It all sounds lovely, even the scales sound a bargain lol

    Have a good week


  • They definitely were a bargain. Reduced from over £30 and still showing as full price on the website! They have mainly good reviews so we're crying out to be taken home!

  • I'm sure they've found a good home


  • Wow thats just such a victory - I am SO proud of you.

    When I saw the title (English Cream Tea) I thought "Awww no - whats happened!" thinking you must have had a blow out but NO.

    You were smart with your choices, you restrained yourself and you didn't go over your calories - thats just so awesome - very pleased for you:)

  • I think I am finally getting this! I like the 12 week plan as it is training us for real life! No banned foods, no in fact no bad food, no opting out of social events

    We just need to be mindful and plan ahead.

    My mantra 'am I loving myself by putting this in my mouth, will it help me get healthier? ' I was able to say yes to a cream tea , simply because I ate a different breakfast and had the tea instead of lunch ( in the past i would have eaten both and then thought "what the heck I have blown it now just eat more!!).

    I planned it in to my diet. Having been very good the rest of the time my sugar and fat levels for the whole week have remained ok on mfp. I feel in control of food. It is not controlling me and the 12 week plan allows it so no guilt for cheating!

    Dave we can do this!

  • :)

  • Well done, forward planning the key to everything.

    Hope your weekend is going great.

  • Just wanted to add my congratulations for your great attitude - love it! 😎

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