For ladies who shop in Evans - Jeans exchange

Good morning everyone! I have just been into Evans and they are giving customers a ยฃ10 voucher (per ยฃ40 spent) if you take in a decent pair of jeans (to be sold by charity). They don't have to been from Evans.

I sure there are a few lovely ladies shrinking out of their jeans :)

I had to take back a pair of jeans today that I bought last week which were too big - yes too big! I am now officially 4 jean sizes smaller than I was at Christmas - woop woop!

I am trying not to buy clothes but it is difficult as some of my tops now are slipping off my shoulders and I look a bit silly. So I treated myself to new top and a couple of bras from the sale rail. I walked into town this morning (4 km - so I deserve a treat ;) ) and off for another walk later today.

Have a good weekend everyone :)


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15 Replies

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  • 4 sizes down, that's amazing girl!!! I am yet to get to that stage of having to buy new things to wear as I have loads of gear that was a little tight but now fits, but I am looking forward to the time my present clothes look like binbags on me, haha. I was discussing clothes the other day with my friend and have decided that when - not if - I get to the sack of spuds stage I will start buying a few bits n pieces from the charity shop. I save myself money and help a good cause too, then when they get too big they can go back to the charity shop.

    You should be feeling on top of the world with your achievement so far hun, I can't help smiling for you too. It's lovely to read how well orhers are doing. I totally agree that you deserved your new bits n bobs from Evans, even better in the sale - I do love a bargain lol. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks - it is going ok so far, piled a bit on while on holiday but it is coming off and the extra weight hasn't made me fatter - it seems the last stone made little difference. I am certain the next one will though :)

    I am about a size 24 now - can you get much in that size in charity shops? I don't usually bother as I figure there won't be much available to me.

    I can't wait to get to a size 20 because your shopping options seems to open up a great deal more. No idea where I am gonna shop when I'm a 20 - exciting!

    I am planning to send a fair few bits to the charity shop at the end of the summer/my hols in October - I plan on it all being too big next summer :)

  • Well; how super is that, Sueper? You are doing so well. It's a long old hike but so worth it, and you are doing just champion :D

  • Woop woop well done you!

  • Hi Sueper,

    How good are you feeling!! 4 sizes down is fantastic ๐Ÿ’ have you thought of selling/buying off eBay?

    I have not sold but have bought stuff in smaller sizes of things that I really like but are now too big ( still love saying' to big' lol).

    So next sale, go for it

    Have a good week


  • Hi, I have sold stuff on ebay before and I think I will for a few bits. For example I have a pair of tuxedo trousers I have worn once and now look silly. I don't often buy clothes on ebay but I think I should start looking because hopefully anything I buy now won't be needed for long :)

    Yes, I love saying too big too :) Was rather chuffed saying it to staff in Evans today!

  • 4 dress sizes down! That's amazing! congratulations!

  • This is just brilliant news, 4 jean sizes down and tops falling off you, how cool is that :-)

    You do feel a bit silly when clothes start looking too big and falling off LOL I have experienced this quite a few time on my journey. What I don't like to experience is the in between size where you are coming out of one size up but can't quite get in the next size down. This has been a real pain for me but I have to accept this and continue making the changes until I reach this goal of getting in another size down.

    It's great that you just bought a pair of jeans the other week and the following week you had to return them LOL good job you didn't take the tag off em ay :-)

    Well done for all of your achievements so far and have a great week sueper

    Trafford1 x

  • Thanks Trafford. I know what you mean about in between sizes. I also find this a problem with different shops - some are more generous than others. I bought a 22/24 top in Evans on Saturday and I think I should have gone down to a 20 (shame they don't do 20/22) as it is a bit on the big size.

    I have lost 10 inches off my hips but only 2 on my waist! But that actually makes me a regular 24 instead of a 30/32 with a small waist. I am now an hourglass again :)

    I find it hard to resist shopping but from now on I am buying nothing over a 22 (top) - if it is a bit tight I will slim into it.

    I bought 26 jeans as I thought there was no way I'd squeeze into a 24 but I was wrong hence taking them back. I literally can't remember the last time I bought 24 jeans (other than few weeks ago to slim into) must have been over 13 years ago!

    Good luck with getting down another size - I hope to manage a comfortable 20 by xmas. :)

  • I am very sure you will achieve a comfortable 20 by Christmas hun. You are on the right track and heading in the right direction....down the clothes rack :-)

    Enjoy your week chick x

  • I shop in the sales at Asda it's not what you wear but how you wear it! their sizes are generous and they go up to 24, you may get away with their 20, they have sale every month or so usually 1/2 price then often they go down to half price again a week or so later this is what I was wearing today, picked it up last November for a fiver........

  • Thanks Prin - generous sizing is good with me. I will check them out :)

    I am off on holiday to Malta in October so perhaps I can pick up a few summery bargains before I go.

  • Oh that jumper is lovely :)

  • Lol it's a dress!๐Ÿ˜ณ

  • Doh! I did know that really - honest! ;)

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