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A few days ago I was a mess. I was in pain and tired all the time, in tears by bedtime and the thought of me losing any weight was a joke. Then I thought back to a link I was given on here that took me to the Diet Doctor website. I decided I had nothing to lose but biscuits so I gave it a try. At the time I weighed 10 stones 5lbs. This morning I weigh 10 stones!!!. I feel lighter, more positive and I haven't missed the biscuits, bread etc! Last night I had some dark chocolate as a treat with a small glass of red wine. Bliss! I won't be giving up this way of eating anytime soon! Thank you to the person who pointed me this way!

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I assume that was @bigleg.

She is a legend and SO knowledgable.

SO pleased for you that you found something that works - it can take a long time but once we find something that just clicks for us it all becomes much easier.

Congrats on the loss thats AWESOME!

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Thanks Dave. I can't be sure who sent me the link as I haven't learned to navigate the forum yet but when I do I will say a big thank you! :-)


Biscuits are the food of the devil! If you're a teenager you can just about get away with them but as grown ups they are really bad news! I was amazed when I took this on and seriously looked at what a healthy calorie intake worked out as! I still struggle to believe it!

If I stick to 1500 cals I loose weight - a little bit every day. I have no idea what a maintain your weight intake will be like but I'm sure it be nothing like the mindless eating and drinking that preceded.

Find your new relationship with food, discover your new happiness and enjoy!


"Biscuits are the food of the devil!" That made me laugh but I am with you on that one really. I cut out sweet biscuits in January and I am sure that has made a big difference to my weight loss. I replaced them with savoury biscuits initially but have now pretty much cut them out too. I have had the odd sweet biscuit (I refuse to ban anything) but I would say on average about 1 biscuit a month. I can now eat one and leave it at that rather than the 5+ I would eat most evenings in the past.


anyone got a link for diet doctor x



You should be able to get there from this link dillydally :-)


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