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A little message to help

A little message to help

I had been feeling really quite ill for a good few months and two Sunday's ago I went out for lunch and when we came home I had to go to bed,I didn't think I would wake up ! I've been suffering from extremely high blood pressure and lots of other ailments and this day was my wake up call. I believe that if I hadn't made the decision to get healthy then I would be literally killing myself. A couple of days after I saw this posted on Facebook and decided it was a message to me I have printed it off and put it in the kitchen where I can see it to remind me of that awful day,I hope it may help some of you out there !

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So true - and for many of us it takes a long time to get to that place where its no longer about "wanting" to get healthy its just about ... getting healthy.

I'm sorry its taken getting to this point for you to see the light but I am so glad you actually have.

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Change isn't out there, it isn't in a shop or in a book or on the internet its in our heads! You've done something honourable and admirable and its a decision which can impact on the rest of your life!

This isn't a fad, it isn't a fashion it really can be life changing!

Good for you!


What a great message. How true. Hope things are going in the right direction as you make your changes.


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