Hi.I'm so cross with myself I could scream.I'm supposed to be following Slimming World.I have done it before and know it works but I seem to be in destruct mode.Every morning I start again ,and by the evening I'm eating rubbish again.I was so proud that I was losing weight a few weeks ago ,so what is wrong with me.? I wanted to lose a few pounds before our hols,but its too late now.Its doesn't matter how busy I am ,I'm always thinking about food .Any suggestions please .



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24 Replies

  • hi their may i say i've tired slimming world, and weight watchers and the only one that i found that worked is slim-fast i've lost eight stone by being on slim-fast why not try it you never know it just might help you, what have you got to lose take care look forward to your reply bigalan

  • Hi thanks for advise.I've lost weight with Herbalife before but not tried Slim fast.What stops you eating rubbish in between shakes .My sweet tooth is my enemy !

  • hi their you have either a shake or meal bar for breakfast and lunch and for your main meal if you can get slim-fast guide book on what meals to have also there are little snake bars that you can have between your meals but don't go crazy over them its just to to you going until your next meal either from breakfast to lunch or lunch to your evening meal. may i say i've do this now for some time and lost 8 stone by doing this, i have to do this has i have an hernia in my stomach that i've had now for 16 years so hope this helps look foward for you reply take care bigalan

  • Hi bigalan Just wondering what kind of eating plan comes with slim-fast as I have tried every other diet and nothing has worked. I was even considering doing Nupo, but that is a just living on shakes and no other food.

  • Stop being so critical of yourself. Think about how far you have come. Enjoy your holiday. Slimming world out s as very support and they never judge just like this site.

    Have faith in your self. Lots of things can make us reach for food and its not always what we think will make us.

    I have been known to eat more when I am happy as well as anxious.

    You have done amazing so far so very well done.

    Have great and kind weekend.

  • Thanks for reply.I really need to pull myself together.I know I can do it.!

  • I haven't joined a club, but I do exactly the same when I try to start a diet, I end up eating loads of junk anyway. The only times I get started sucessfully are when I can avoid the bad stuff and I have all the good stuff planned out. If you make it easier to eat the good stuff that you already brought than going to get the bad stuff then you're much less likely to ruin your hard work! :) Good luck!

  • Hi.I think half my problem is ,I never plan meals in advance.

  • Its the most successful I have been. I was drinking slimfast at the time and it was easier that way. I lost quite a bit that way.

  • I find having eating fruit helps and you can build this into you eating plan.Instead of wine gums I eat blackberries.I also find that I am far more inclined to reach for chocolate if I have not had three balanced meals with loads of veg.Important thing to remember is that the odd kit kat will not stop the weight loss but feeling guilty about eating it and going on to eat another five might.!,!

    Good luck you will do it.

  • Your comment about always thinking about food echoes how I feel, especially when I'm trying to follow some kind of diet plan. It almost seems worse because I'm constantly thinking about food & calories, what I can eat, whats in my plan, how I can stretch out that calorie allowance, what I can't eat etc. It seems like my cravings for food are amplified because of this concentration on the subject.

    Because of this, I've decided this time to keep things nice and simple. I've worked out meal plan for breakfast and lunch and snacks during the day, and I'm basically eating this same thing every day (I might come up with a couple of alternatives, so that I can rotate it over time). Then I'm cooking something different every night for dinner, but again fairly simple, eg 2 veg, potato and some fish etc.

    It seems to have taken away a lot of the stress about what I can eat, and I have found this last week that I'm not thinking about food half as much as I normally do when I try to watch the calories :-)

  • It's brilliant that slim fast works for people but I would have some concerns that it cannot be sustainable in the long term. You can't live on these products the rest of your live so at some point real food has to come back into a normal life.

    I could go on but don't want to knock people's success on these types of,products. I just wondered what their long term plans are to sustain the weight loss.

  • I did Dukan diet for 6 weeks and lost 2 stone. It's mainly eating protein and veg... But you never feel hungry. X

  • I echo some of the comments on here - being organised and planning your meals for the week has been what's worked for me! I don't have any junk in the house (I don't trust myself yet) but I still have the odd glass of beer or wine - you can't deprive yourself completely but it is in moderation.

    When I crave chocolate I eat the nakd bars - the cocoa crunch and the cocoa orange are my favourite! They taste just as good as chocolate and are made entirely from fruit such as dates. They are 145 calories but I allow myself more snacking allowance and have smaller three main meals a day as I have always been more of a snacker! My snacks are way healthier now though!

  • Hi

    Be careful of these milk shake diets as they may help you lose weight initially because you are only drinking a calorie dense drink for a meal but as soon as you stop it the weight will come back with vengeance. It doesn't teach youhow to eat a balanced diet. It's about learning to eat sensible. Not only is it to do with what you eat but it is also about getting yourself in to the right state of mind. If your mind isn't in the right place you will find it very difficult to stick to any diet. It's about find a long term solution that you can stick to not a quick fix. If you learn to eat a balanced diet that will be with you for the rest of your life. Yes there will be times when you stray but you will know what to return to and not turn back to another fab diet. Getting your mind in the right place can be difficult,I know that struggle, but why do you want to lose weight? The answer should be for yourself no one else. When I feel that I want more chocolate than I should have, on slimming world you can have chocolate, I tell myself I know what chocolate taste like so I don't need anymore. Since I have lost weight,still more to go, I feel that I have become more active by being busy I think less about food and more about getting involved in doing things and not the couch potato I was.

    Please don't jump to an easy fix diet, because there is no such thing, don't be to hard on yourself for not sticking to SW get your mind in the right place and then you will find you can stick to your eating plan

  • Thanks for all your comments.I'm going to start again today ,and knowing you are all here with your help I will make a real effort.

  • Hi Please don't lose heart keep on trying none of us are perfect ,why not stick a picture of yourself on the fridge when you felt that you looked your best and aim for getting back to how things where then. And you could try wearing clothes that are too tight to remind you of your goal and that might give you some thing else to think of other than food. All the best sent 4711

  • Thanks I'm open to any suggestions. I've been good so far today .

  • On the meal planning idea making meals that can be frozen helps me. this week I set aside an hour and made 5 dinners - all based on chicken. Two of the dinners used italian sauces -for these I add one tin of tomatoes, half jar of pesto to courgette and green beans, to chicken pieces. no precooking is needed. for the other three I used shop bought curry sauces, again adding veg. If I have time I make my own curry sauces.

    I take the the dinners out the night before I need them to defrost and either cook normally or in slow cooker. All I need to add are sides of rice, pasta.

    For breakfast last week I made homemade breakfast bars, these lasted a few days.

    investing a little time in planning really really helps. hope this helps.

  • Thanks for your input.Freezing meals is a very good idea .I can always eat chicken,never tire of that .

  • I soooo know how you feel:( but you stressing over it is your biggest enemy. More you stress-more you think about it-more likely you turn to food.

  • Hi Rosie,

    Ha I do feel your pain. I've been struggling with it myself but in the last month I've shed almost 10piunds and feel great. Think it's a combination of exercise and convenience in cooking healthy meals. Everyone has different requirements though when losing weight.. I am a big foodie so I've always been inclined to snack a lot. I bought the slimming world magazine lately and they have these products called the actifry on special offer. Quite good for convenient cooking and for things like stir fries and healthy curries. Link is here -


  • Thanks for replies.I was thinking of having naughty snacks but your messages have stopped me in my tracks.You must have been reading my mind !!!!!.

  • Hi.Just a quick update.I've lost 4 pounds this week.Hope it stays off till Monday weigh in.Hope you are all doing OK this week .

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