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Pain no more (maybe) !!!!!!!!

It's been a day and a half.

Had my epidural today and plenty of steroids so I am hoping this will take effect on my back over the coming 2 weeks. That's what the head honcho consultant told me anyway. They were fab at the hospital and made me feel very at ease. Hasn't happened before. So big fat thanks to the Staff at Greenwood Ward at Stamford. I love you all. I think I may have had plenty of pain relieve today !!!!!!!!!

Came home and had a nice light lunch, salad and tuna, prepared prior to hospital visit and yogurt. Very tasty and finished off with a piece of fruit, doing really well and proud of my self as before I would have scoffed every rubbish in sight because I felt tired and achy.

Then my 2 younger daughters arrives and lo and behold they bring one of my biggest weaknesses da da .......... A lovely crafted Costa, yes I did say Costa Strawberry and cream cooler, and oh no it was not just a medium like I used to buy but a great stonking big one. And because I'm not a rude mother I unfortunately accepted gladly. A gift is a gift isn't it !!!!!!!! If I could have leapt I would have thrown myself on the lovely thing. And yes I know they are a billion calories. That's why I've given them up.

And to heap the misery upon the diet they also came with choc chip hobnobs. I only had 1 and when they went I made them take them with them. Bless them they thought I was sharing.

Families are very hard when you ae losing weight and there is a hard balance to find between keeping up the good work. I know that I want to be fab and 50 so I cannot let one slip shove me down that road again.

I have had a lovely tea of left over heated up chicken korma - home made and calorie counted from the other night. Bit of a numb leg so that was about all I could manage, very nice though.

Tomorrow another day with no Costa planned, thank goodness.

Have a great weekend all and remember be kind to yourself

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Hi Jo,

Glad it's gone well, and do you not deserve a bit of a treat?? Well your girls do and when back on track tomorrow it should all even out ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

You will be fab at 50!!



Thanks that's my BIG PLAN

Thanks Flossie hope you have a fantastic weekend


I hope the pain meds work. I totally understand about Costa, mine was a large Mocha I used to have one everyday. It is amazing how many calories are in these drinks especially when you add all the extras. But it's nice to enjoy them once in a while.


I think the Costa I have is nearly 1000cal but hey like you say nce in awhile is fine.

Still feel a bit achy this morning so going to go steady and let it all kick in gently. My cats love it as they think I have become a new seat to sit on as I am not moving so fast at the moment.

Have a great weekend and hope none of them naughty Costa's get in the way!!!!!!!


Sounds like you deserved that lovely sounding Costa after all that medical stuff :-)


I think I certainly did. Not so bad this morning so no excuses Hey.

Hope you have a great weekend and all goes well for you.

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I so glad for you that you have some pain relief sorted.

And as for this whole Costas Strawberry & Cream cooler and hobnobs business? Tch tch tch...

Nah I get it - I really do. When you're tired and achy and someone is waving something like that in front of you it would be VERY hard to say no.

BUT we show our metal not by how we fall down but by how we get back up.

It will be the next morning by now so commit to a brand new day and get yourself focused again.

You can do this!

P.S. I don't know what a hob nob is but now I want one!


Having a good morning already, I'm one of the people who ate wasting the early mornings so even though I ach a bit I've been out for a short walk. Weather blowy but fab. Being outside always makes me feel better.

As for Costa's all in the past !!!!!!

P.S Hob nobs are made by Mcvitie and quite yummy. But there are now none in the house so that's ok.

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Glad the epidural went well, hope you soon feel the benefit. Well done for your good planning and positive attitude. I know my mom will expect me to eat cake etc with her when I stay over next week so will have to try hard to suggest alternatives. The trouble is, my sister buys high cal stuff for mom because she doesn't eat enough (89 years old, poor appetite, dementia and diabetes). i can always hide the bad stuff while I'm there!


How about if you take control over the food planning and cook with your mum. It will be good bonding and you will have more control over food intake. Talk to your sister if she is doing shopping and get her on side.

When people realise you are serious they will get behind you.

Have a great weekend.


Thanks for caring. Not to go into all the details... It's complicated. But I'll def take control of the food, don't you worry. We'll be fine.


Families are the hardest thing to crack. It sounds like you know the best way forward.

Take care and hope the week goes well I will be thinking of you.


Hi Jo4950,

Really glad to hear your epidural went ok, and hope you're enjoying the weekend so far.

Lowcal :-)


Lovely weekend, had a nice gently walk first thing this morning, wonderful.

Achy, but glad it's all over and looking forward to feeling better and getting on with my fab at 50 plan.

Have a great weekend.

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