Week 14 : all going well

Hi everyone,

Wgt loss this week is 1 Ib and I am very pleased with that. It's been a busy week, hubby has been off and getting in the way of 'my routine' lol.

We have been out most days as weather has been great ( not today it's pouring !!), but have done loads of walking as well as an extra circuit class. When eating out very temped but made healthy choices and feel better for it 😃

My plan for this week is much the same, keep on track and enjoy. I am at York Races Ladies Day next Thursday so will be trying on outfits/hats and looking fab lol

Have a great week



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9 Replies

  • Hi Flossie sounds like you've had a good week all in, as you've encountered challenges and worked around them. Your 1lb loss is great as it's steady and you know you can sustain this even when having to compromise here and there. Enjoy shopping for a fab outfit :)

  • Hi Flossie,

    Congratulations on losing 1 pound - that's a great result. Hope you enjoyed your walking and that extra circuit class. Well done for making healthy choices, despite all those tempting foods when you were out and about with your hubby - and great that you feel better for it.

    Have a wonderful time at York Races Ladies Day next Thursday, and hope you find a lovely outfit for the occasion. I'm sure you'll look fab! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done Flossie :-) What you say about 'routine' is exactly my problem. Whenever my 'routine' is disturbed (school holidays, husband off work, social events etc) I use it as an excuse to not eat healthily and say that "of course I can't stick to the plan with all that going on".

    Of course, to be honest, most weeks have some kind of non-routine stuff going on, so I just need to stop using that as an excuse and learn to make all weeks 'routine', whatever is happening and learn to eat accordingly :-)

    Enjoy the races !

  • I find once you own up to your excuses, like writing them down on here, they start to look silly. But if you keep them in your head they rattle around and stop you doing anything.

  • Have a good day at the races it sounds fab.

    Have a great week and try to make hubby part of your routine if you can!!!!!!

  • Ooh missus !!!

  • Another pound bites the dust, oh yeah! Good going Flossie. Hope you have a fab time at the races and come home with many extra pounds - of the monetary kind, hehe x

  • Well done Flossie, good steady progress. Enjoy the races :)

  • Hi flossie, very well done on losing 1 lb this week, it's always great to hear. My other half always wants what I am eating so sometimes he does hinder my recipes as he does NOT like Jerk or chilli flakes so I then have to make two separate dishes which does get to me sometimes but he wants what I have achieved so who am I to say no LOL

    It's great to hear that you have been out and made those healthy choices. When I eat out it's sometimes once a week and I don't make a healthy choice so kudos to you hun :-)

    Enjoy trying those lovely outfits and hats and looking good flossie

    Trafford1 x

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