Time to confess.... My husband has been selling fitness sets (dvds and booster cables ) for years . We probably have over 100 sets here but until yesterday I had NEVER got off my backside and had a go. I have lost weight and even been at target weight but NEVER exercised regularly.

Ok years ago I did do a brief time with gym membership but that was 25 years ago. I have for a week been walking more but to be honest I have been strolling and it hasn't been cardiovascular nor strength training. But I have at least been moving a bit.

So what has changed this time? What has made this lazy sedentary person buy workout gear and just do it?

It's YOU! EVERYONE ONE ON THIS FORUM and the 12 week plan .You have inspired and made me face up to myself and if you can do it so can I.

I have now decided not just to be thin but also healthy. I have decided to do 5 work outs a week with the dvds and cables. Plus increasing the amount of walking getting to and from where I need to go. I can do this!


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  • Way To Go! Its Pxxxxxg down here in Yorkshire so I'm getting frustrated that I cant go for a run or cycle to work. Thats a very different me to a few weeks ago. I could have done those things a while a go but now they've become activities I wake up and look forward to. How things change!

    The Power of positive communities!

  • I am near London and its p*****g down here too! The beauty of the dvds and cables is I can do it in the warmth and dry. The decision to buy clothing is part of committing to this for the long haul.

    I am an early riser so I think once back at work after the holidays I will do my workout then shower and get ready for work. I certainly worked up a sweat yesterday.

  • It'll be weights for me this morning - listen to me "I'm just off to do three sets of upper body reps!" Words I never thought would be uttered!

  • Get waterproof gear! Before I put on this weight I commuted into London everyday by bike even in heavy rain, blizzards, snow. If you have waterproof trousers, raincoat, leather gloves and good shoes then there's nothing to stop you having a good ride! I also developed a reluctance to cycle in the rain, leading to a general reduction in activity as more and more excuses crept in. I think the old me had a better attitude.

    Yoyonomore, I love your confession. I also used to be indifferent to exercise that you actually had to make a concerted effort to go and do. But now my body is telling me it wants to do exercise, which is good as it will help me lose weight in the short term, but I think I'll also keep it up long term, as you describe, too :)

  • Good for you, my motto in life is ' if feels good do it'. Mind you sometimes gets me into bother but that for another post lol

    I really enjoy my exercise classes and now get a bit 'antsy' if not done something in a day even if an extra walk.



  • I can do my 35mins before showering and getting ready for work . I can build this into my life easily. I can do this

  • Yes you can, well done for making this change!

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