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Newbie Here

I have just joined in the hope that I can find the final motivation to lose this last 8lbs!

I have lost over a stone in the last 6 months - but am really stuggling with motivation recently. Lots of bad news & stress has turned me to Carbs :-(

On a more positive note - I am trying to find out, realistically, how many calories should I eat to lose weight.

I am 5.7ft

Currently 10.8 stone (want to lose this 8 lbs)

I work out twice a week roller skating

My day job is a very sedentary office job

I have been on My Fitness Pal for 6 months, but the weight loss has plateaued and I found it really hard to stick to the assigned 1200 calories per day.

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You need to do something different as your body appears to be getting used to what you are doing.

Rather than calorie counting I would look at what you are eating. Cut out the sugar and fill up on protein and fat instead.

Also up your exercise, try something different. Aim for 5 sessions of cardio and 2 strength training each week.

Good luck!


Thank you

That makes sense ... do you have any examples of what 'Fat' to stock up on instead of sugars?



Avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil. But cutting out the sugar is the most important thing - and it's really hard! I try and minimise my sugar but haven't managed to cut it out.

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You can do this ! The last few lbs are hard.

I agree with Alex. Best to change it up a bit. Take up a new exercise class maybe Zumba? Hiit is good too.

You no longer burn as many calories walking as you did when you were heavier so if you don't want to walk/ run further carry a weighted backpack .little changes can help.

Good luck

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