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smiley face is back :)

Thank you to all your get well wishes yesterday, I am feeling much better. Have just been for my last run of my second week of C25K, the fact I went in the pouring rain is prove to me that I'm more determined than ever as in the past I would never choose to go out in the rain let alone run! :)

I'm off on my hols tomorrow so am packing my trainers to keep up with the running. Wishing you all a great couple of weeks and look forward to hearing all your successful weight loss stories when I get back. :)

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Amazing to have run in the rain and congrats for finishing week 2 of c25k! Have a great hol, keep smiling :)

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Hi Tuppy133,

Great to hear you're smiling again, and well done for going out in the rain to do your last run of the second week of C25K - that is commitment!

Wishing you a great time on your holidays, and look forward to catching up with you when you get back.

Lowcal :-)

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I LOVE that - running in the rain? Bloody amazing - you must have felt so proud of yourself at the end?

Have a GREAT holiday and keep focused :D

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Hi Dave, thank you. Yes I did feel very proud of myself. Bit nervous about succumbing to all the bad food on holiday but will try and stay focused.

Hope you have a fab couple of weeks and continue to lose those pounds. :)


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