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Interesting article about weightloss

Hi all,

Not sure if this has already been highlighted , an interesting piece on slimming and the permanent weight loss battle monbiot.com/2015/08/11/slim...

We may finally be starting to lose the stigma of being overweight and get recognised for the efforts we make to lose it.

It's actually quiet motivating and shows how the steady weightloss promoted by the NHS plan is the most sustainable.

However, we all have to be in it for the long term!

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Thanks for sharing! An interesting article. There is a feature of the Brain called neuroplasticity. Its the ability of the brain (and the Mind) to grow and develop new functions, connections and networks. Our minds are not fixed and with time - from 8 to 12 weeks people can and do develop significantly different reactions, thoughts & feelings to the contexts & thoughts that were previously not helping them.

The point of the 12 week plan is to develop those new habits consistently enough that the brain changes the way it thinks about food, drink, exercise and the choices we make. From what I know about psychology doing the 12 week plan and some of us are doing C25k as well we are doing the very things which will get us fit, lighter and above all establish the new automatic habits which can serve us much better in the future.

We are seriously doing something special!


You're spot on Andrew.

I lost a lot of weight on SW a few years ago. I maintained weight after coming off the plan for several months, although gradually it (and more) went back in.

It seems that 12-weeks will establish a new habit, but the current thinking seems to be that we need to consciously maintain that habit and not think 'I'm okay now so I can go back to old ways'

Onwards and upwards (and inwards too ;) )


I read a fascinating book a few years ago about neuroplasticity and how the principles of this has been applied to help severely brain damaged people to regain some of the lost abilities. It was so interesting and great to find we CAN change our brain - we are not destined to stay on the same path if we choose to live differently.


I am SO supportive of this article - it echos the thoughts I have had for a very long time.

It took us decades before we realised the damage smoking could do and for government to impose stiff taxes, regulate advertising etc.

Obesity is now outstripping smoking as the leading cause of preventable death.

The evidence is crystal clear - high fat, high sugar foods are making us fat. Kids are being advertised at from very young and indoctrinated into a fat, sugar fog.

I have always thought that we should do the following.

1. Ban the advertising of any foods which do not meet certain dietary requirements during hours that children maybe watching TV

2. Impose higher taxes on commercial/junk/fast food . The higher the fat/sodium/sugar content the higher the tax.

3. Use these taxes to re-educate and assist the obese and overweight to get their eating under control AND to reduce the price of fresh, healthy produce

What companies like McDonalds and Dunkin' Donuts and Hungry Jacks have been allowed to get away with for decades is criminal.

They have lead the charge when it comes to obesity but proclaim complete innocence in regard to their food.

Its not about being a nanny state its about making companies that produce fattening unhealthy food accountable.


Dave, would you please stand for leader of the Labour Party, I think if you apply today there might still be time!

One of the big positive changes in the UK has been the Bike. I read once that Life expectancy of males in the more affluent south had increased and the common factor was the uptake of cycling and the benefits to weight, health etc.


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