Overdoing it

Sometimes I think I can do everything and get away with it... But then arthritis gives me a sharp reminder that I can't, not all the time. I've been going to lots of exercise classes because I enjoy them so much and because very conscious I won't be able to for much of next week - I will be going up to my mother's to stay with her for a few days before my brother-in-law's funeral.

Anyway, got up yesterday feeling rough after sleeping badly, hauled myself to Zumba thinking I'd feel better once I started but had to drop out after 45 minutes out of sheer exhaustion. So disappointed. Continued to feel exhausted, emotional and brain foggy and achy for the rest of the day.

The only bright spot, I still managed to limit myself to two squares of plain chocolate, and otherwise keep to my goals. But today still feeling low, so wish me luck.


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25 Replies

  • I've also been feeling run down especially after having a very unwelcome cold turn up beginning of last week. This gives me the hungries as I feel low in energy and my brain equates that to needing 'fuel'. I've been looking instead to things like topping up on iron, berocca, making sure I have the necessary rest etc. The two squares of choc may have been a good choice for you, esp if they were dark choc as that's got iron in. Do you have supplements or remedies that you personally resort to when you feel whacked out? Do things like hot baths with muscle-relaxing salts help with the arthritis perhaps? Maybe focus on these sorts of things instead of turning to food. You're right to recognise that the exercise was pushing you too much - take a break until you feel better and ease back in slowly when you're ready (maybe post funeral). When you go to your mother's maybe plan a few walks, and maybe others will come with you. But this is just a tough time and you need to look after yourself so don't feel guilty if the exercise part drifts for now. Take care :)

  • Yes, I had a nice bath with Radox. Good point about the iron in the plain choc. I did go to Aquafit this morning and actually feel better.

    I'll def do walks at mom's but she is virtually housebound so can't come with me. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Congratulate yourself on doing 45 minutes which is great. Well done for keeping to goals when you are feeling low.good luck hope you feel better soon x

  • Hey Carolee you're doing fine! You are just learning about how to fuel yourself properly at the same time you are ramping up the exercise. If its new to you then it will be complex to get just right so you can loose weight, exercise and feel energetic at the same time. Its not easy. Just notice when you feel below par, how a small change to your diet impacts on you and make adjustments accordingly.

    I had a happy day on the bike in Glorious Yorkshire yesterday - tried to get by on my usual low fat low calorie diet and struggled until lunchtime where a substantial lunch - bigger than usual - put a bit of fire in my legs. This got even better with the reward ice cream - first since May was downed at tea time. the last 15 miles were a breeze!

    What I learned was that I need to pay attention to nutrition in much more detail. Especially when exercising. Did I Loose weight yesterday - Nope. Did I do myself a lot of good? Definitely yes. Will it help overall with my health/weight certainly.

    We are all learning and it can be really confusing but taking action is always better than not taking action!

    Hope all goes as well as it can next week

    Take care!

  • Thanks Andrew, yes it's a learning curve for us all. Will be glad when Wednesday is over, some grim family stuff going on. My sister will need all the support she can get.

  • hi can i asked which arthritis do you have i've got osteoarthritis which is very pain full because its the bones that are wearing away and the other is mussel that's wearing it depends on which you have hope this helps take care bigalan

  • Hi Alan, mine is osteo too, get this unpleasant crunching sound in my knees going down stairs lol. Most of the time it's not very painful, just get bad days from time to time. Very glad I don't have rheumatoid like my dad did, he suffered terribly and treatments at that time weren't very effective (he died in 1992 from a stomach haemorrhage prob related to use of painkillers).

  • hi carolee13 sorry to hear about your dad that most have been a terrible last few months of his life i've had osteoarthritis now for just over six years that's when they found out i'd got it but they say i could have had it for longer anyway its nice to meet you carolee13 take care lovely to speak to you again kind regards bigalan x

  • Hi again, thanks for what you said. Tbh he'd had a terrible few years. Hope you're managing your arthritis well with exercise etc and you're not in too much pain x

  • hi carolee13x its sad to see someone you love suffer so much my dad was the same but it wasn't like you dad my dad had work down the coal mines for 30 years and it was the pit dust that killed him as for me my pain is 24/7 can't easy the even though i'm on strong medication and at 48 years old this is my life now until i put the wooden overcoat on its all i have left now has for exercise i can only walk a short distance and if like the last few days i've over done it by laying slabs ready for my new shed to be put up so i can put my disability wheelchair and a my freezer is going in there to give me more space in my kitchen anyway take care kind regards bigalan xx

  • Hey, my grandad worked down the mines too and suffered in the same way as your dad. Hope you're able to rest after all your effort, sorry your osteo is so far gone. Any prospect of some hydrotherapy? I've heard it can help. Take care and have a nice weekend.

  • hi carolee many thanks for replying which pit did your granddad work at me and my dad worked down mansfield pit in nottinghamshire. as for my arthritis the only thing that help is the nefopam tablets i take six a day its takes the pain away a bit but not for long anyway i don't think i can have hydrotherapy becasuse of the pins and plates that holding my knees caps together hope you have a great weekend speak with you soon kind regards bigalan x

  • Sorry to hear about your lack of options. My grandad was South Wales, Rhymney Valley. Mom got out of the mining community asap after the war. Must have been hard for you in the Thatcher years.

    Anyway, have a nice weekend and keep on keeping on x

  • HI carolee13 it's funny you should say were you from because my granddad dad's family come from Rhymney valley then my granddad the moved here to nottinghamshire to work down langwith pit until it closed in 1971 then he passaway in 1974 but yes it was very hard from 1984 until i finished the pit in 1999 then i went HGV driving until i had to pack in work at the tender young age of 42 in november that year and now at 48 it feels like i'm on the scrap heap enjoyed your weekend i'm in total and utter pain in my spine, hips, and knees but i'll managed take care speak to you soon kind regards bigalan

  • Poor you, will pray for you today. But small world eh? Have you tried mindfulness for pain? Won't take it away but may help you cope better.

    Carole 😀

  • hi carole i've tired lots of thing but what's is mindfulness not heard of that before, but has for coping i've had these problems now for years its like have a annoying friend with you 24/7 just get used to it take care speak to you soon bigalan xx

  • I worked down Welbeck pit from 1982 to 1986 bigalan - some of my training was at Crown Farm, Mansfield and Mansfield Woodhouse. What a small world!

  • wow it is, i start Mansfield colliery in 1984/85 until it closed in 1987 then i moved to welbeck from 1987 until i left in 1999 it so amazing that you speak to people via these site and yet you know someone that you live closed to hope you are ok take care bigalan

  • Bless you , you sound like you have given yourself a very rigorous time. Remember be kind to yourself otherwise you will not be able to do anything.

    I'm queen of pushing too much and then really suffering. You would think I would have learnt at my age, but hell no I never learn.

    I hope funeral goes ok and you don't get to worn out.

  • Yeah that's me, to use a foodie metaphor it's feast or famine, do it all or not at all! Thanks for your kind words x

  • Hi Carolee13,

    Just read your post, and so sorry to hear you've been feeling low this week. Very understandable in the circumstances. My sincere condolences to you on your brother-in-law's death. There's a lot on your plate emotionally at the moment, and I hope you're able to recuperate a bit after all your activities. It sounds like you've been enthusiastic with the classes, and I can completely understand that enthusiasm, but sometimes our bodies need a bit of enforced rest, and I suspect that's what you need at the moment - so try to pace yourself, and most importantly, look after yourself.

    I hope next week goes ok - I hope your sister is coping as well as she can - I'm sure you will be a great support to her at this time, and to your Mom. But look after yourself as well.

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal, the rest yesterday did me good. In a funny way, exercise helps me not to get bogged down in emotions, and the adrenaline's a bit addictive. Just had a nice evening with friends so feeling refreshed.

    God bless you x

  • Aww Carol I am really sorry to hear that.

    Here you are trying to get fit and your body is working against you :(

    Your perseverance is inspiring!

  • Thanks, Dave. I'm not the only one struggling like this so it's great to have a forum with supportive people like yourself.

  • Hi Carolee13,

    Cooper's New Aerobics For Women had a table for training that affirmed only 12 minutes is necessary at a heart rate averaging over 150 beats per minute to elicit a training effect, or 20 minutes @ 140+ bpm, or 45 minutes @ 130+ bpm. Doing more may burn more calories, but the first thing we have to do following a workout is recover :-)

    To reduce agitation to arthritis, minimise uric acid from metabolism of fructose, alcohol (fermented sugar) and excess protein.

    Reduce inflammation by eating foods that don't spike insulin/IGF-1.

    Good luck!

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