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Week 2-time to test myself

So proud to have lost 5lbs!!! In my first week, i have watched my weight, exercised by running along the beach and using an exercise bike :) I even was able to have a few treats by watching my calorie intake.

Now for week 2, my mother-in-law is down so I want to be extra careful as I know we will be eating out-so will be exercising more and making sure I'm not going back for seconds.

I did have a relapse and had 2 bag of crisps :( was very upset as i was just bored-now I am keeping my book, nail varnish and some uni work handy so i can keep my hands busy.

love posting my journey on here, good having something to keep me accountable and having so much support and motivation to stick at this and reach my goal!!!!

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Well done!


I keep bits of sewing jobs next to the couch to keep my hands busy after dinner, have even been darning - very old school! Nail polish idea sounds good. Also sitting with your feet in a bowl of hot water with nice salts etc is good too (especially if you've been running - you'll understand how nice this is to do!) - it stops you walking into the kitchen looking for snacks (unless you want wet footprints everywhere) :)

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Keeping a book handy certainly helps I think - if duing the day I'm a bit bored of what I'm working on (prime time for me to head to the fridge and graze), instead Im going to sit down for 5 mins and read my book -see if that helps. Brillant first week anyway - well done :-)


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