High Intensity Interval Training

Hi All,

I've have just got back from a session at the gym. During my warm up on the bike, I decided to give interval training a go. Thought I probably should research a little before but no time like the present....

I started off with doing it on the cross trainer...I went at it like mad, not allowing myself to drop below the 17's. The first 15 seconds were fine, I was just thinking, this isn't too bad. 16 seconds - I can't go on, I'm going to explode! I got through it - albeit sweat was dripping off my fringe. After the first 60 seconds. Flooding beyond this. I managed to do this 5 times, the dread increasing after 45 seconds in the 'rest' period, 15 seconds to explosion...

What did I do next? Interval training on the treadmill...10 minutes later, I step gingerly off not sure if my legs will take my weight...I stayed in the changing rooms for 20 minutes as I was so embarrassed at how beetroot my face was to leave!

...But now I feel GREAT!

In a weird I kind of way I actually enjoyed it...


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14 Replies

  • Sounds like torture! But well done. I am sure you'll reap the benefits later and at weigh in.

    Getting inspired by so many on here to exercise harder but I can't do a lot of vigorous exercise. I guess I will have to make do with walking further and faster. And toning exercises at home.

  • Sounds absolutely brilliant, well done. I am doing this at the moment and I am loving it. I do mine on the treadmill 10 mins then onto weights into star jumps then back on treadmill and repeat the whole exercise with sweat dripping from eye lids LOL

    I absolutely love it too :-)

  • It does make you feel so good! I tend to do all my cardio in one burst - I don't think I could go back on it after doing weights!

  • Exercise can get you high - and its legal! :)

  • i do HIITS 4 times a week at home with no equipment. 30 seconds of activity, usually running on the spot like mad followed by 30 to 45 seconds rest. Depending on whether I'm doing weights or not I do between 8 and 16 working reps. The secret is to do it at 100% effort.

    I actually hate doing this exercise but still doing it hard after 4 months but I can see and feel the benefits and they take so little time to do. Can do a full cardio workout in 20 to 25 mins.

    I always do mine while fasted first thing in the morning and then do not eat for at least 45 mins after workout has finished.

    I would say keep going and keep burning fat.

  • That's what I really liked about it - it was hard but over in 20 minutes! The calories burned just shot up on the machine during the max workout minute which kept me motivated - I burned way more than in a normal gym session!

    I tend to exercise in the evening - I have an hours commute in the morning and find it hard enough to get up in time for that as well as doing a work out!

    4 months! I hope I am still doing this in 4 months!

  • When I got home after pushing myself on my run yesterday my bf said I looked like a 'little beetroot' and said concerned things like 'you shouldn't overdo it you know'. Then I showed him the record of my run on my phone - I'd actually only run for 21 mins altogether, it was just I really pushed myself. I guess that's what high intensity does! I also get a kind of 'high' afterwards, the endorphins, the sense of achievement, it really does feel great. Make sure you stretch properly and have a rest day today to recover. When are you going back?

  • I think that's the key - never stay comfortable and keep pushing yourself :)

    I certainly did feeling amazing and it continued today as well! Well done on your run - I saw your other post so well done for going and working hard!

    I am going to have a rest day today, then my friend is staying over tomorrow evening (pizza and wine eeeek!) but will do another HIIT session on Friday evening before my boyfriend gets back. Will try and do it again on Sunday!

    Are you going to try yoga? I know you were thinking about it in your other post - let me know what it's like, I've been thinking about going to a class.

  • I'm actually considering going to a yoga class tomorrow eve at 7.30. Its not that near so I'm half thinking of running there and back, but that might be a bit mad. There are also HIIT sessions on wed eves but I wouldn't have made it today because of work, might try it next week tho. Enjoy your Fri and poss Sun sessions! :)

  • Hope yoga goes well tonight - I like the idea of running there! How far is it? I would definitely recommend HIIT - I've only done it that once and it is really tough but you feel amazing afterwards! Thank you - I'm actually looking forward to doing it again tomorrow!

  • Hi, maybe HIIT is the way to go. I have tried to get into the C25K using a cross-trainer because I can't take the impact on my knee from running but I can't seem to get the buzz to encourage me to make progress. Maybe 10 - 15 mins HIIT workout would suit me better. Thank you so much for putting this thought in my head, I'm going to give it a whirl tonight. Good luck on maintaining your new excercise regime and reaching your goals.

  • Let us know how it goes!

  • Hi NoMoreJunk,

    Sounds like you've had fun - really good! I also get a really beetroot look when I've been exercising too, but usually people comment favourably by saying something like 'You're looking very healthy!!!' - so don't be embarrassed and hide away, get out there and show off your good circulation. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, that is a positive spin on it!

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