Geriatric rollerskating

Geriatric rollerskating

I'm 58 and have just bought a pair of roller skates. There; it's out there now. Putting on my responsible head, I went looking for helpful tips and came across this gem. For a roller-skating video we hardly ever see her feet but rather a lot of an ample chest zooming in and out (lost on me, I must add). I have come to the conclusion that it is one of those subliminal advertisements selling the dubious benefits of breast augmentation. What do you think?

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  • What an inspiration she is......... Not. Very funny clip, I expect to see a better roller skate clip featuring you !! Lol

    Have great fun


  • Welcome to the skating club. I too have roller skates and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE EM :-)

    My love for quads come from my childhood and I have wanted a pair for years! now I have them and I love themmmm.

    It's so great to hear that at 58 there is no stopping you from experimenting with new things and getting out there doing this for you. Your amazing !!!

    The video was rubbish and didn't show you anything at all. I hope you are planning on doing more than what you have learned in that video LOL :-)

    Here's to getting our skates on and burning those cals hun


    Trafford1 x

  • That's hilarious - but oddly made me want to have a go!

  • And why not :D

  • I am laughing so much my sides are aching!! I am one of those people who have unfortunately never ever got the hang of roller skating/blading, my legs refuse point blank to stay near each other and I end up either on my backside or doing the splits, lol. Always been the same, and ice skating was nearly as bad ( managed to end up in hospital having part of my little finger being stitched back on the last time I tried it - though it was as 30 years ago). My ex and daughter on the other hand can fly around on wheels 4x4 or inline amazingly. Total respect to you with your bravery, and I really do mean bravery!!!! 😊

  • Hmm. More foolish than brave, ShellieL...

  • Goodness I may have to get out my 80's headband, in orange not pink !!!!!! and have a go on my kids skates.

    My older daughter watched video with me and said please mum don't!!!!!!!!!! remember your old, cheeky!!!!

  • None so conservative as young'uns. Think I have a pair of leg warmers somewhere... ;)

  • Hope they are striped, only leg warmers in the best 80's tradition will do !!!!!!!!!

  • Actually, I think it more likely that she is a man-recruiting cougar...

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