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Disappointing weigh in

Hi all yet another weigh in yesterday but this time I stayed the same AGAIN. Don't understand why as I have been on the go all week . The only thing that changed was not eating as much fruit and veg. Felt very down but not today. Went shopping with my daughter and got a lovely Gok Wan dress. I only tried it on to see if they style suited me (a sort of tea dress style). It looked so lovely I had to buy it as it made me look tiny and it was a size 12 so I think I have officially dropped a dress size. This is my last week on the plan and the 12 weeks have flown by but I will not be stopping yet. I would like to lose at least another 7lbs. Hope everyone else is doing well and feeling positive. Xxx

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It's really hard to lose those last few pounds. I have three more to go and have been trying for what seems like forever.

Remember that as you lose weight your body needs less to maintain its current weight so you need to eat even less.

Good luck


Hi SJ70. Have you lost inches rather than lbs? It's great to have that boost from trying on and buying a new dress. I'm looking forward to fitting back into size 12s soon too. It's really difficult keeping everything up when you're not seeing the result on the scales. I've also stayed the same this week and am throwing everything at it to see a loss next week, which will be my week 12 too. I think if what you're doing doesn't work you have to push a little bit more, you know what to do, it's just doing it. Maybe having more fruit n veg will make the difference, give it a go. Good luck :)

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Enjoy the compliments coming your way when you wear your new dress.

Just keep at it. Up the exercise a bit and may be cut back 100 calories a day. . Those last few pounds are always the hardest to shift.

Good luck with your next weigh in.

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How good is your Data? Lots of suggestions here - measuring - variation and its true that the lighter we get the fewer calories we burn - so its harder to burn off the excess. Have you got an accurate set of scales - not cheap ones. Inconsistent or insensitive scales may be misleading you. I shed on on an expensive set with great reviews and if I loose 100g they tell me! A million times better then my old ones!

Good news about the dress. Thats cool! Are you going your focus from weight loss to getting fitter? If so just focus on building up your fitness and you'll loose weight as a by product!


I read this morning an article by a guy who is an expert in set point theory. Basically the concept that we get to a certain weight which our body likes and it refuses to budge. To the point where we might be doing the same amount of activity but our body will reduce how many calories it burns to line up with our food intake.

He suggests giving your body a bit of a surprise and swapping to an atkins style low carb diet, just for a week or two, to jolt your metabolism. This might help your shift those remaining few pounds.


well done for keeping going despite not losing this week.

Have you taken your measurements as you have gone along, it sounds like you have lost inches this week.

Keep it up and well done.


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