7lbs in 5 days

I was super stoked with myself!

My mom told me that it's expected for someone to lose a lot during the first week or two and then it steadily declines to a steady pace. But either way, it's amazing to actually witness for myself how much of a difference cutting fatty foods can make; I didn't really believe it until I tried it out.

It's sad to still see my body though, I hate it and it kinda discourages me. I mean, I know I should expect instant results but I wish I could, I guess seeing the difference on the scales should be enough for me to know I'm making a difference though.

I'm curious about something though..

I've been reading that if you've had fat for a while, it's difficult for your skin to shrink along with you; I really don't want saggy skin, that's gross..and makes me wonder if there's any point in losing weight if I'll still look gross?

Would abs exercises every morning, to tone the muscle beneath my fat tummy prevent a saggy skin??


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13 Replies

  • Apparently, if I lose 5lbs a week, I will lose at least 8 stones by the end of the year!

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWWOW..highly unlikely though if everyone says it slows down ¬_¬

  • Hi hannahhh, 5lbs a week might be a tad overambitious! But your initial 7lb loss is great, not surprised you're pleased - that's half a stone. You do lose extra at the beginning, but that doesn't necessarily mean it 'slows down'. The extra you lose at the beginning might be more water retention etc. but going forward you can expect to lose around 1-2lbs a week, depending on what strategies you use. Have you done measurements of your waist, hips etc? If you're struggling to see the difference in your body, then perhaps some concrete measurements will help you to see the difference as you go along.

  • Haha yeah, I wish it were possible.

    And thank you <3

    And yeah that's a good idea thank you, I'll have to start keeping a log in a book of my weight and all those measurements every 5 days :) x

  • Hi Hannah

    Your measurements may not show changes every five days. I think people tend to recommend that you take your measurements once a month.

  • Well done! Yes it's always quicker at first, there are probably a few factors at play but it can be harder to keep losing weight at the same rate. Not impossible but I wouldn't get disheartened if you don't keep it up, your body would probably suffer losing that kind of weight all the time anyway.

    I wouldn't worry about loose skin too much if I were you. A) you're young, b) you aren't very big and it's usually a problem for much bigger people. It can't hurt to do some exercise and find some workouts that tone skin as you go, but I'm willing to bet that the kinds of things you eat as you lose will make even more difference. What you eat can have an impact on your skin so maybe look into what helps.

  • Thank you; I'm hopeful either way.

    Is 22 young? lol, I hope thats the case though, but i'll definetely start looking into muscle/toning exercises as a preventative measure hopefully. I read to eat high levels of protein yeah, I've just been taking spirulina tablets seeing as I don't eat meat ><

  • Don't say 22 is old, I'll actually cry... ;-)

  • You can get loads of protein as a vegetarian. Eggs are a particular favourite of mine. Also peas, chickpeas, beans, quinoa, nuts, broccoli and seeds (chia seeds are really good).

    Going on a diet is a great time to educate yourself about food and to try out loads of new recipes. The deliciouslyella blog has become a particular favourite of mine as well as this site.

  • Well Done You! Its great get the process moving. What I found was I lost a nice chunk of weight very quickly then my weight loss has settled down to a fairly predictable level each week, which is much less than the first week. I've upped my exercise level and been a calorie fascist for 6+ weeks now. All I can say is that it works. And after 6 weeks I'm clearly in much better shape. It takes time, You'll learn your natural weight loss rate and you just need to keep on top of it. I've still a lot to loose but I've learned so much. When you loose 3lb a week over 6 weeks and it adds up.

    Stick with it and keep posting!

  • Thank you! That's good to know yeah, I'm definitely going to keep at my diet and exercise regime :3

  • Well done for doing so well. It is often the way that you lose more at the start. It's a fantastic thing if you can do some exercise as well. This will definitely help and make you feel better about yourself. Its true the more we do the better we feel.

    Remember to be kind to yourself and don't overstretch yourself. Walk and drink plenty of water and you will get there.

  • Thank you, yeah!

    I wouldn't be able to do it had I been hard on myself, but I'm really happy with the amounts that I eat and drink; don't feel like I'm starving myself or that it's hard to follow at all! So I'm positive <3

  • Woo hoo, keep the positive vibe going and I'm sure you will do really well in the coming week.

    Good luck

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