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Hi all,

Just wanted to say hi and thank you to everyone who is posting. I've been reading for the last couple of weeks but didn't feel I had anything to contribute really. I've just started week 3 of the NHS plan thingy and it's going well so far. Haven't lost much but I do feel that it is sustainable (unlike the other 8 million diets I've tried in my life) and there is not too much to remember. I've been skiving off doing the strength exercises so far but doing lost of running and swimming so I'll get my head around the strength stuff this week and that will give me something new to focus on.

Woop woop!


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Thanks for coming out of hiding and welcome! Well done on the exercise and lifestyle changes. I am sure that you can contribute to others and encourage others less far on the journey to health.

It is doable I too have tried so many times before lose and gain lose and gain but this time is going to be the last. We can do this!

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Where have you been! Everyone's got something to contribute here and you'll get loads of support. "Haven't lost much" so you you've lost some! Which is more than I did before I took this seriously.

You cant loose the last pound without loosing the first! Everyone of them gone is worth it!

Like you I'm avoiding the weights stuff but I now I've got to do it! The trouble is if I go to the gym, go for a run (Listen to me!) or ride my bike its like skiving off and having a bit of fun. Weights, to me feels like work! Too much to think about and for me its really complicated. Makes my son (Ive just bench pressed a small car) laugh out loud!

What I've got to realise is that if the calorie & portion thing is important and it works; if the regular exercise thing is important and it works then they are probably on to something when they suggest that weights are important and they work.

So thanks to your post i'm going to finish my coffee go and find my weights (VVVV Cheap Argos Dumbbells) and give it a start.

See what you did there - just by sharing a post you helped someone to get of his arse and start the rehab for his wonky post broken elbow!


Keep posting


Hey there and nice to hear from you - I could feel someone lurking out there :P

And Andrew is so right.

EVERYONE has something to contribute and for me you now have remembering that I PROMISED myself I would start at the gym this week.

Strength exercises are SO important because they build lean muscle mass which burns more calories so we can sit on our bum and lose weight faster! lol

Right I am off to book an appt for a consult at the gym!


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Aww, geee thanks guys, and it's great to 'meet' you. I agree Andrew, the running and stuff is enjoyable but the weight stuff hurts and 'me no likey'! However, I have added a shortcut to the podcast thingy to my mobile phone and will give session one a try. Watch this space and wait for the ouchy ouchy messages!

A x


Done my little weights sets - Boy am I weedy! especially my wonky arm! Probably got some more serious work to do there!

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Hi Nar121184,

Welcome to the site, and hope you're enjoying it so far.

Good luck with your weight loss goals, and wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Well done for being brave enough to post.

It's a great site and the posts have really inspired me to keep going.

It sounds like you have a good handle on the plan and also on the exercise. Keep it up and you are bound to see good results.

Its good to go steady as you will find it easier to maintain.

Good luck for the coming week.

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Hiya1 Well done you for taking this next step in your healthy lifestyle journey :-) . We are all in it together and I look forward to seeing your progress. Its a great forum and I love the support everyone gives!

Good Luck Hun and enjoy yourself - its gonna be great for you!!! xxxx


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