Just searched for local gyms and they are so expensive. I have found that there is a free outdoor gym in a park that is fairly local. Hmm but no induction on how to use the equipment. ... also I am a local teacher and fear, yes FEAR that my former pupils and their parents might be around to watch!

To go or not to go? I wonder if those machines help anyway.

Thoughts please


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16 Replies

  • See if you can find someone using them that could show you, then don't worry about who is watching. If they are for strength rather than cardio machines, they may not help with weight loss but will help with toning.

  • Hi Yoyonomore,

    I think you should go for it! Afterall, even if your former pupils and parents are around, you are at least setting a good example to them of exercising - and that can't be bad! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Yoyonomore,

    Go for it, we have free gym sessions at our local park and it's fun. Don't fear the parents and kids, If do see you bet would be impressed !

    Have a look and see if your local council run something in conjunction with GP's it's called Why Weight in Newcastle and offers healthy lifestyle changes that include initial free gym classes then reduced fees after initial 12 weeks, it runs day and night sessions.

    Hope helps.


  • I have looked but it seems to be for those who are obese. My bmi when I started last week was 26.3 and is already in the 25's so am pretty sure I won't get the help.

  • I think I may walk to that park and back today. Take a shufti and see if it is something that I could do. I just Google mapped it for distance by foot it is 1.7 miles away. That is 3.4 miles there and back. Plus the walk in the park where there is a cafe where I can sit and sip a herbal tea and possibly get some lunch. Mmmm maybe I will. If nothing else I will exceed my step count target. Only problem is that it is uphill all the way home. Then another day I could maybe drive half way, walk half way and try the equipment out....maybe?

  • A walk is as good as any, it was how I started my lifestyle changes along with the 12 week plan. Anything that gets us moving is good, I would not feel ok about using a gym without proper supervision. Why not see if there's a walking group you could join, it's always nicer with a bit of company.

    Hope enjoy


  • Funny enough I did find some walking groups but not at times or places that are convenient. I think I just have to get off my backside and do it!. Won't be a problem once school goes back. I am very active in term time.

  • Usually those kind of gyms do not use weights but use resistance from your own body weight so the risk of injury is much lower and it means you don't have to worry about what weight to set things at etc.

    They also should have every clear instructions on how to use them - COuncil would not set them up and not do this - the risks would be too great if someone did something stupid so I am sure they will be very explicitly labelled :)

  • I am getting ready to walk there to take a look. .. I will let you know what I find once there...

  • Well I have done 5000 steps getting here. As predicted there are instructions but the place is heaving with families I know. I am way too embarrassed to try and work out with this audience. Enjoyed 2 poached eggs on a toasted muffin without the butter or hollandaise sauce. Drinking peppermint tea , and bracing myself for the walk home (uphill all the way ). If I were to come back to use the equipment it would have to be early morning or late evening to avoid the audience! . I have had a good walk though😃

  • Home 10000 steps exceeded. So happy.

  • Don't have to join a gym. See my reply on the Gym Session thread today.

  • Yeah which is why I have come to check this option out. Enjoyed the walk....

  • This is a tricky one, its hard when people in your community see you out and about having and following a normal life. I worked as a teacher and lived in the same community for 20 years. Sometimes I felt as if I never got away from work.

    But I think you can only show a positive attitude to former pupils and their families by giving the equipment a go.

    We used to have equipment in our local main park and there was no instructions either, so I made up my own exercises on them. It was great fun even if it was a bit hit and miss. Back will not let me do this know unfortunately.

    Why is exercise so expensive, most of us cannot afford it ?

  • Go for it at the end of the day your trying to improve yourself how can anyone judge you for that

  • Have a close look at the equipment. I've noticed some have metal plates with what appear to be instructions on them.

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