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Survived the weekend 😄

I don' know about you but I always find the weekends harder when trying to lose weight. Saturday is generally shopping so I'm out of the house quite a bit, good for upping the step count but can be bad food wise as it can be tempting to grab something quick and easy, and then there's the obiligatory coffee stop!

This weekend was different. I planned and pre-prepared my lunch so that I would be able to eat as soon as I got home, I also ensured that I had I good breakfast, lots of protein to keep me full. We still had our usual coffe stop, except I swapped mine for a mint tea! Go me.

Sunday is housework day, I made sure I kept myself busy so I wouldn't think about food, and it worked, arriving at Monday knowing I stuck to it is incredibly motivating for me, it's still early days but I'm beginning to think I can do it 😄

I hope everyone had a great weekend also, do you have tips to help you to avoid temptation?

Have a great Monday everyone.

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Amazing to have a mint tea instead of coffee! That's willpower. My main tip is to wait things out. I suffer from temptations like wanting to have lunch too early, to have a snack before dinner, to have seconds when I feel a meal wasn't filling enough. If you tell yourself 'see how I feel in 20 mins' then often that's enough, the feeling passes. Delaying treats also works. Instead of having a glass of wine before dinner, promise yourself one with dinner, then you feel empowered because you made yourself wait. You may then have a smaller glass with your dinner, no wine at all, or at least just have one instead of two. So for me it's all about time-related mind tricks. Weekends are often difficult for me because I'm working round others' needs and wants too. For example if my bf wants cider and crisps in the pub on Sunday afternoon. I sit there with my tomato juice and just have a couple of crisps. I also have a big glass of water to keep me sipping while he gets through his cider. I feel self-conscious but he's slowly getting used to these changes.


Well done for resisting this weekend, especially on having a mint tea!

I still find weekends hard as Saturday is our family treat day, where the kids are allowed sweets and we have a takeout and hubby and me have wine. We still have treat day but I buy myself some nice fruit so I don't nick the kids sweets and instead of takeout my hubby has started cooking healthier options of our favourite curry, Chinese etc. We also still have wine but instead of my usual three glasses I have one with dinner.

It's about finding a balance as I know I couldn't keep it up if I never treated myself.

Good luck. :)


Congratulations on your weekend success. I succumbed and had takeaways on Friday and Saturday evenings. What I don't understand is that my weight is 12 stone 8 pounds, whereas it was 12 stone 9 pounds mid last week . Whether it will catch up with me later in the week or whether it means I would have lost more weight if I hadn't had the takeaways I'm not sure.


Weekends are my biggest downfall, I find that I can stick to the plan and usually within my calorie allowance Monday - Thursday but then my social life takes over at the weekend. I managed to lose 0.5 lb this week in spite of a meal out and drinks last night, maybe that will catch up with me later.

To be honest I'm sure I would reach my goal weight quicker if I stuck to my calorie allowance 7 days a week but that would not be sustainable for me. This is a lifestyle change but I have to keep it realistic, I've tried faddy diets in the past and have lost a few lbs in the first week but have then reverted back to my normal eating habits and put the weight back on.

I'm just starting week 4 of the NHS plan, I haven't found it too difficult up to now and have so far lost 4.5lb. If I can lose some weight at a steady rate then I'm happy and it will encourage me to make this a long term change to my eating habits.

Have a good week.


You can plan for cheat days and carry calories over. So if your daily allowance is 1400, You can give yourself treat days by sticking to 1300 Monday to Friday And having an extra 500 to play with at the weekend. I am stricter with myself most of the time but save my calories for when eating out or with friends.

I lost all my excess baggage last year doing this and lost weight every week.

I am still mindful and try to make wise choices but allow myself to enjoy parties and meals out whilst being more controlled the rest of the time.


Well done on a great weekend, all your planning paid off. If you plan for all the week I'm sure it will help keep you on plan.

This week every time I've been feeling a bit wobbly coming on I've got on the laptop and read some of the great posts on the site.

I have also completed some of the long abandoned knitting that I started when my first child was born (she's 29) I am a slow knitter.

Have a fab week and keep on planning.


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