The things we do!

The things we do!

Customer (older greek lady) walks in to shop, watches me for a minute and asks "Why are you rushing round the shop like a crazy person David?!?"

"I still have ... ummmm ... to do a thousand more steps to reach my FItbit goal Mrs Kekatos!"

Yup because THAT sounds sane to an old greek lady LOL

I seriously have to get the entrance buzzer fixed. #embarrassed!

But on the upside every circuit of the store = 70 steps. All I did was make myself do a lap of the store every time I went to to get a cuppa, or took my cup back to the kitchen or to go to the toilet - basically anytime I left the front desk. It took an extra minute or two each time. but it ends up being close to an extra 1500 steps a day which is great as extra activity and contributes to my 10,000 steps.

I guess if I was at home I could do a lap of the house everytime I got up from the tele or feeding the kids or if I was in an office I could do a lap every time I went to the copier or toilet...

I just have to remind myself to do it - eventually it will become habit.

I just hope Mrs Kekatos doesn't catch me at it again or she'll be calling the men with the white coats that tie up in the back ! :D

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9 Replies

  • Well done for your steps!

  • I am guilty of having done similar Work nights, got my client to bed, went back to her lounge and proceeded to walk up and down her lounge to complete my target for the day. If anyone could have seen me they would have thought I had lost it 😛

  • That is SO funny - but don't you love how committed it makes us?

    And you CAN find ways to exercise ANYwhere if you try :)

    I'll let Mrs Kekatos know she should organise a white coat in your size as well!

  • Well done:)

    Just so I move more I've moved the bin out of my office so when I want to throw something away I have to get up and put it in the bin in the other room:)

    Strange looks but who cares lol

  • Thats awesome - it really IS those little changes that all add up to a big difference.

    We rock!

  • I used to do something similar. Like taking things upstairs. I would do it in two or three trips. Up 14 stairs, down 14 stairs..... It works.

    Good on you for pushing yourself

  • I'm absolutely laughing here. It sounds so sensible to us. We're here all urging you to keep to your 10,000 steps/day goal, but obviously to the uninitiated it does seem a bit mad!

  • Hi Dave 1961,

    Ruth_canal_runner pointed me in the direction of your post as I'm trying to lose the last 6.5lbs to reach my target weight and it's proving difficult to budge. Now I've read your very funny post I'm going for a tour of the house, may have to repeat hourly though as it's a very small house! Thanks for the tip and the humour, have a great week.

  • I do a circuit every time I leave the desk. If I am taking a teacup to the kitchen I leave the desk, walk all the way round the store until I get back to where I started and then walk to the kitchen - yesterday I got to just over 11,000 steps - and I am someone who struggles to get to 10,000 so its definitely worth it :)

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