Just starting the twelve week plan. Day 1

The week 1 info suggests eating more fibre as a way of filling up, but that could mean blocking up as well, so I need to be careful.

I measured out a 40g bowl of fruit and fibre (152 calories) this is supposed to represent one portion. It’s about a spoonful, how can any one survive on that, it is madness. According to the sheet I can have 280 calories for breakfast, so chopped up a banana (70 calories) and threw it in. It seemed to do the job. I’m used to eating until I feel full, but smaller portions are something I am going to have to get used to. I did forget to measure the milk, but hopefully I was still within the recommended amount.

For lunch I walked all the way to the co-op for some salad only to find they had sold out. So it was just a cheese sandwich, but I did get a walk.

Today was a nice relaxed day with plenty of time, but back to work tomorrow. How do you deal with those longs days that leave you pretty tired, and by the time you get home, you’re faced with preparing and cooking a meal, or the quick and easy option of pizza delivery. This is where I am going to struggle.


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25 Replies

  • Ken its times like these that your goals have to keep you determined and happening.

    Cereal is not the only choice you have for breakfast. You could have a poached egg on rye toast, an omelette, ...Fruit'n'finre is 25% SUGAR - there are much better choices that you can have more of and that will fill you up.

    Dont let those clever marketers fool you - just because it looks healthy doesn't mean it is. The nutrition will tell you whether or not something really IS health.

    We worked very hard to make ourselves this overweight so it takes some work to get it off.

    You have to change your way of eating and be prepared to do the work and plan your week of food, including a back plan if the shop is out of salad. A sandwich with some lean roast beef and tomato and other veges is going to keep you fuller and cost you less calories than a cheese sandwich.

    Myfitnesspal is a great app for your smartphone and perfect for counting calories - it can make this all seem much easier.

    You can do this - commit to change your life!

  • I agree with Dave about the breakfast cereals - they really aren't that satisfying for the calories they use up (unless its something like porridge, or perhaps a sugar free museli). My breakfast of choice is going to be a wholewheat bagel, poached egg and half tin of tomatoes. Hopefully it will be fairly filling and comes in at round about 350 cals.

  • That does sound rather nice, never had a bagel but looking forward to trying one.

  • Hi Dave

    Thanks for the guidence. I have downloaded the app. It is a real handy tool right down to the barcode scanner. makes things so much easier. Many thanks

  • Hi Ken

    For quick and easy dinners I opt for stir frys or an omelette. Or I try and put something in the slow cooker in the morning.

    Good luck!

  • Well done for making a start. You are obviously making a big effort to help yourself.

    The key to success is planning. Plan your meals for the next 7 days and shop for everything you need (when your not starving). This stops you being tempted so easily. I try and spend a couple of hours a week doing some batch cooking and freeze it for when I come home late from work or to take to work when on shifts.

    I have days when I cannot move so preparing saves me !!!!!

    Every walk is a brilliant start so keep it up.

    Have a fantastic first week.

  • Cooking in advance. planning. It seems like I could achieve more than just weight loss. I might even get organised. :)

    Thanks for ther support.

  • Prep is the key. I make up a bit pot of bolognaise sauce on a day off. can be made into cottage pie, lasagne, spag bol, chilli. Have a home made dinner that you just need to chuck into the microwave when you get home. Or as Alex said, slow cookers are amazing, throw the ingredients in there in the morning, on low its hot and ready when you get home, good for curries, meat an potatoes, soups, chilli, most foods really. All this is much cheaper than takeaways or pre-made shop sandwiches too.

  • You have just listed a whole load of food that I like. I didn't realise the range of food available. I saw myself eating salad every day with beans on toas as a treat. Thanks for the advice.

  • I did find salads did not fill me up. If I had a salad, I would also have a slice of bread and some cheese as well. Very little of course but enough to make me happy. Sometime I would have a chickpea salad. (440g can: wash it, drain it, add a bit of red onion, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper) with this I would have an apple and a cup of peppermint tea no sugar. Sometime breakfast was sandwich of two toasted wholemeal bread slices with a light dash of nuttelex spread, slices of hard boil egg and two layers of cucumber, salt and pepper. This would fill me up.

  • If you struggle with cooking because it takes time why not try a stir fry using the prepacked veg and some chicken fillets, I sometimes marinated mine so it's not the same each time. You can make this in no time probably quicker than a pizza delivery and it's very tasty and healthy I use fry light instead of oil 👍🏻

  • Inspired by your post I achicen fillet and stirfry for tea.

    Many thanks

  • Bet it was quicker than pizza😄

  • deffinitly and tasted better

  • I meant to type I had a chicken fillet and a stir fry veg for tea.

    I'll blame it on the heat :)

  • Thought it was some kind of exotic fish I'd never heard of ! Sounded tasty (and low calorie ?) :-)

  • I am a big fan of porridge for breakfast it is filling meaning I don't think about food till lunch time. I use 1/3 cup oats to 3/4 cup of milk . You can chose which milk you use according to your allowance which will be higher than mine. I either use semi skimmed but reduce the milk a bit and top up the difference with water or skimmed milk.

    Pop in microwave for 2 mins and hey presto!

    I then add a handful of blueberries ( my favourite ) or a sprinkle of cinnamon or a grated apple and cinnamon or nutmeg. You can add banana if you like so long as you calculate total calories of oats, sort of milk and topping.

    I eat this all year round on most days,

    Oats are also great for lowering cholesterol which is why I started having them.

    I am never hungry midmorning so am not tempted by the biscuit barrel at work!

    Good luck with your weight loss journey!

  • The closest i have ever come to porridge was readybrek many years ago. I shall certainly give it a try. Much appreciated.

  • Well Done, You've spotted the huge deceit of the food industry. Incurably calorific foods marketed as healthy options. We eat them, put on weight and then go out and buy more of them to loose the weight! The Food industry is not on our side! The minuscule portions prove that!

    There are plenty of great bits of advice form all the people here.

    You are going to discover what healthy eating is like -ie nothing like the eating patterns we had previously.

    There are plenty of ways to eat healthily which are easy and cost effective. At its worst you could get one of the Balanced ready meals from somewhere like M&S to show you what a healthy meal looks and tastes like on a busy work evening!

    My lunch today is a 250 cal sandwich (Tesco) and a Banana (100 Cals!) It'll be plenty. I'm on week 6 and happy with the weight I'm losing. Its been so easy (and Cheap) Im thinking of adjusting my target weight down as I thought it was hopelessly too low. Now Im thinking it might be attainable.

    You are starting on a whole new relationship with eating and exercising and its about re education in al sorts of areas!

    Enjoy and Keep Posting!

  • Hi Andrew

    My eyes are being opened and now I am looking and as you say things arn't what they seem. I am certainly going to check the lables properly.

    Thanks for the advice and support

  • When I did the 12 weeks plan, my limit was 1400 calories. My breakfast was 353 calories. I ate well and did not feel tired. In the evening I had a lot of vegetables with a small piece of fish or meat. I did reduce my food intake by taking my time eating. Slowly instead of gobbling it all up quickly. I also would have carrots or celery snacks in between. Sometime a home made muffin. It is really a change of lifestyle. Don't give up. Just make sure you eat your minimum of 1400 calories. Have cups of herbal tea in between without sugar. Just to fill up your stomach. You will get there.

  • I like the snack tip, i love raw carrot but only ate it when peeling the veg for a roast. Many thanks

  • My filling breakfast of choice is porridge with mashed banana mixed in. I make the porridge with soya milk, but you can use normal milk of course, a mixture of milk and water, or with good quality oats just water. I find the mashed banana makes it taste like banana milkshake, and it's such a good solid filling breakfast.

    How about keeping a money pot to save £5/£10 every time you resist a takeaway and then make a list of treats for each milestone in the weight loss journey and use the saved money to treat yourself with non-food rewards?

    I hope the coop has salad next time you go. Maybe try a new type of fruit/vegetable each time you go, try to get in the habit of having things like carrots and apples for snacks, eventually it'll all start to feel more normal :)

  • Hi Ruth

    The money pot is a great idea and will definitley try the banna porridge combo. Thanks for your advice and support.

  • I like the money pot idea ! Fantastic

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