My weight loss - making life easier!

Hi everyone - hope you all had a good week last week. And good luck to those of you doing the Monday weigh-in.

Last week I was away (just got back) and had a great time. I kind of gave myself the week off but still tried to be sensible (but was less so than I hoped), I did manage a fair bit of walking and a nice swim yesterday though. Tomorrow I will weigh myself so I can see the damage and then work hard to get the lbs off for my official weigh-in on Friday.

Before my hols I had lost 47lb since I first weighed myself in the middle of February and I am hopeful to hit the 50lb soon. And my haven't those lost lbs made a difference - we spent a fair bit of time in London with lots of walking, steps and people. In the past I would have hated it and had to constantly stop to rest and the more tired I'd get the more I would hate all the people and it would ruin the time for me (and my hubby) - but not this time, I could happily keep up and the crowds didn't faze me. It was so nice to just be normal again - ok I still have a long way to go but who knew that losing 25% (well I have/had 1/2lb to go to hit the 25% target) of my excess flab would have made such a difference.

Oh yes and finally someone actually noticed I've lost weight!

So the conclusion - my week off has probably blown some of my good work, but having this little break is not the end of the "diet". It has been good to have a break and enjoy a bit more freedom but seeing how much my weigh loss has improved the enjoyment of my holiday has just made me more determined to keep going.

I am now off for a quick walk and tomorrow I will be back on track.


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11 Replies

  • Hi Sue,

    Glad you had a great week away. I am away myself now but I did PM you on Monday and I have posted publically quite a bit.

    Would be great if you could have a read and give me any thoughts.


  • Hi Rob. I have been keeping track of the forum and you posts this week but don't really like using my phone to post - sausage fingers!

    I will reply to your message soon. Glad to see you can keep an eye on this forum whilst your on hols as it should help keep you on track a bit.

    Have a fab break :)

  • Well done for what you have accomplished. You are seeing benefits and if you keep going they will get better and better. Cheering you on!

  • Ok so you might not have been as 'On it' as previously but you have certainly noticed and enjoyed the difference you have made to your life. This is what we are all doing they for!


  • It is so nice to read such a positive post. Life is so much more than just food and giving yourself leaway is a far better way of actually succeeding in the battle of the bulge than being rigidly strict in every situation. I hope the scales surprise you and are kind. 😊

    Glad you had a lovely break 😊

  • Hi Sueper,

    Glad you have such a good time away and most importantly been able to see the changes your new lifestyle have brought.

    Ok, maybe your weigh in tomorrow might not be what you want but whatever, it can't take away the progress you have made. Love your positive thoughts and focus.


  • I was so excited for you when I read about how much easier London had been on you with some weight off.

    What a beautiful feeling to be able to slip through crowds in spaces you could not have fitted before :)

    I hope the scales show you some love but if they don't....whats one week in the grand scheme of things?

    Congrats on your weight loss so far - thats incredible!

  • Hi sueper, glad you had a nice break and enjoyed your time off. I really hope you reach you 50 lb goal this week and I look forward to reading your post on Friday. Best of luck x

  • Hi Trafford - the scales were not kind, so maybe a few more weeks before the 50lb is hit. I am being saintly now though :)

  • Hi Sue, Sorry to trouble you but I just thought that you might have missed the PM I sent you on Saturday. If you didn't recieve it I can send it.

    Sorry again,


  • Messaged you again Sue.

    Sorry to bother you.

    Rob :)

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