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Sweet healthy treats delicious!

Yesterday I bought some grapes. Knowing they are quite high sugar and not wanting to be tempted to eat too many at once ''because they need eating' . I put half a dozen in each small plastic box and put them in the freezer.

I just retrieved my first box and ate them frozen. Delicious, refreshing like mini lollies but all natural and about 30 calories a box! I will do this again next week. I have enough to treat myself to a box a day. A real sweet treat. Try it !

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My mom froze grapes for us as kids all the time, still love them to this day:)


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Great idea thanks x


Will give it a go, sounds good. Thanks for the tip. Banana is also good if you leave it a couple of hours (not solid) it is best frozen in skin, doesn't look very nice as the skin turns black but the inside is a bit like ice cream. X

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